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What Is Shiny Spandex Fabric?

Shiny Spandex Fabric Types 1 . Metallic: Metallic refers to a fabric with a metallic luster and shiny effect on the surface. This type of fabric is often made with

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What is Nylon Spandex Good for?

The Historical Background of Nylon Spandex Fiber Nylon spandex fiber is a synthetic fiber composed of nylon and spandex materials. It combines the advantages of nylon and spandex, offering excellent

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What does lululemon fabric include?

lululemon fabric is highly renowned. You may choose hard when browsing its stores. The labels on Lululemon products are unfamiliar because they are unique vocabularies made by Lulu. This article

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What is the best hoodie fabric?

Hoodies indeed become increasingly popular in the fashion world in recent years. Whether for outdoor activities, sports, or casual wear, hoodies are a stylish and practical choice. However, many people face

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How to Choose Great Swimsuit Material?

Are you always looking for the perfect swimsuit material? What are your requirements? A  beautiful appearance or keep shape after long-term wear? UV protection? After reading our swimsuit material guide,

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What’s Dri-Fit Fabric?

In recent years, Dri-Fit fabric has become very popular in the sports field. Dri-Fit fabric clothing allows you to feel comfortable in almost any weather. Dri-Fit material is a high-performance,

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Natudon specializes in producing high-quality sports protective fabrics, dance wear fabrics, sports functional fabrics, bamboo fiber, and stretch cotton ammonia fabrics. Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, we are committed to offering top-notch products that cater to the needs of various industries.

Our products are recognized for their superior quality and environmental standards. They have been awarded the GRS certificate, OEKO-TEX certificate, among others, which vouch for their sustainability and safety.

Yes, we provide both OEM and ODM services. We have collaborated with many renowned brands across Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Italy, and France, offering tailored solutions to meet unique brand requirements.

Quality is paramount to us. Our production team operates under the guiding principle of “customer first, quality first.” Every order undergoes a 100% inspection by our dedicated QC staff before it is shipped, ensuring that our customers receive only the best.

Our diverse product range includes POLYESTER SPANDEX FABRIC, NYLON SPANDEX FABRIC, 4 WAY STRETCH FABRIC, SINGLE JERSEY FABRIC, INTERLOCK FABRIC, RIB FABRIC, and ATHLETIC MESH. We strive to innovate and expand our offerings to serve our clients better.

At Natudon, we prioritize effective communication with our customers. Our experienced customer service team ensures timely and hassle-free intern.

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