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At Natudon, we bring you exceptional performance with our excellent leggings fabrics. Our leggings fabrics’ main target customers are yoga and fitness enthusiasts. Our leggings fabric has great elasticity, comfort, and durability. Some of our fabrics even add a brushed technology, providing a skin-friendly and warm touch. Whether you have color preferences or any other requirements, we offer customization options to meet your needs. With GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications, we are committed to pursuing quality and serving our customers responsibly.

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interlock knit fabric for yoga pants

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Professional Leggings Fabric Manufacturer

Although Natudon is an emerging brand, we have over 20 years of experience in the fabric industry. We have established our own research and development team, production team, and work team. These infrastructures form a complete manufacturing system. We always adhere to the pursuit of innovation and quality. We have become a leading professional manufacturer in the industry. We commit to constantly surpassing ourselves.

As a highly professional fabric manufacturer, we have a deep understanding of every fabric we produce. Our product range includes not only leggings fabrics, but also 4-way stretch fabrics, swimwear fabrics, and dancewear fabrics. Our team specially designs each fabric We hope every fabric has a unique design, aesthetic appearance, versatility, and comfort.

Whether you are a professional, amateur athlete, or a fashion enthusiast, our fabrics are customized to meet your every requirement. Also, we will actively communicate with you to ensure the perfect fit.
We believe that aesthetics and functionality can balance, which is why our fabrics are both beautiful and versatile.

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Featured Leggings Fabric

Our leggings fabric product series is the perfect combination of comfort and versatility. When you wear it, you not only have a comfortable and skin-friendly feeling but also feel unrestricted in movement.

nylon spandex leggings fabric

Nylon Spandex Leggings Fabric

In this leggings fabric, the blend of nylon and spandex enhances the durability and stretchability of the fabric. Additionally, it has excellent moisture-wicking properties. This helps keep the body dry and provides a comfortable feeling. As a leggings fabric, it doesn’t restrict body movement but rather promotes flexibility. The nylon spandex leggings fabric provides appropriate support to shape a more beautiful body’s curve.

Furthermore, this fabric has a brushed technology. Brushed leggings are exceptionally comfortable. It’s suitable for both sports and casual wear. Moreover, the brushed fabric adds warmth to the body, making people cozier.

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polyester spandex leggings fabric

Polyester Spandex Leggings Fabric

This polyester spandex leggings fabric has excellent elasticity and resilience. One thing is worth mentioning. The fabric is made of ultra-fine fibers. It becomes more breathable compared to other fabrics. Its surface is also very smooth and its textures are tiny. As a leggings fabric, it feels more skin-friendly. The fabric has minimal friction with the skin, providing better care for the skin. In addition, this leggings fabric offers color and pattern customization with heat transfer printing. You can print any design you like on it.

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nylon and spandex leggings fabric

Nylon and Spandex Leggings Fabric

This nylon and spandex leggings fabric has excellent elasticity and recovery. Its moisture-wicking function is also very impressive. The main dyeing technique used is tie-dyeing. It gives the fabric a unique appearance. When worn, you will stand out in crowds.

Whether as yoga leggings or casual wear, it is highly suitable. You may be concerned about color-shifting issues, but there’s no need to worry. This fabric has excellent color fastness. We make rigorous inspections before packaging to ensure its quality.

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brushed fabric 2

Polyester and Spandex Leggings Fabric

This fabric has a buttery soft touch, providing unpallented comfort to the body. It has excellent elasticity and recovery. It offers body support and people feel unrestricted. Also, it is anti-pilling and easy to care for. What’s more, this fabric is made with recycled fibers, which enhances its lifespan and durability.

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Advantages of Our Leggings Fabric

Exceptional Flexibility

Our legging displays excellent elasticity, no matter where you pull it from. Therefore, it allows for unrestricted movement without any uncomfortable feeling. Whether you plan to wear it for yoga, fitness, or casual wear, it can meet your needs in both appearance and functionality.

Durability for Longevity

The leggings fabric uses high-quality yarns so it’s not easily prone to breakage or tearing. It has excellent bursting strength and good recovery. Additionally, the leggings fabric has a moderate thickness. It will not become thin or see-through when stretching it.

Excellence Comfort

Our leggings fabric has a buttery soft touch. It gives skin good care and comfort. The thickness of the fabric is moderate, providing sufficient warmth. When wearing it, you will feel relaxed and unrestricted.

Exceptional Moisture-wicking

Our leggings fabric is exceptionally breathable, keeping the body dry and comfortable. The moisture is pulled away from the body to the front of the garment to evaporate faster.

How to Choose a Perfect Leggings Fabric

spandex fabric

Comfort is the first condition for leggings fabric. The comfortable fabric should have a soft handle. So that it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause discomfort. It should be breathable, allowing effective moisture-wicking to keep the body dry. Additionally, leggings fabric should have good elasticity and recovery.

The thickness of the fabric should also be moderate. It can provide sufficient warmth without being too heavy or restrictive. Taking these factors into consideration, leggings fabric can give body comfort, whether during exercise or everyday wear.

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Leggings Fabric Supplier in China

natudon factory

Natudon is proud to be your trusted supplier of leggings fabric in China. We are committed to excellence and have become a leading manufacturer of high-performance leggings fabric. We hope to meet the diverse needs of our global customers. With advanced production facilities, rigorous quality inspection, and a commitment to high quality, we have established ourselves as an industry leader.

We are dedicated to providing customers with favorable prices, exceptional products, and quick delivery services, including 4-way stretch fabric, nylon spandex fabric, cotton jersey fabric, ribbed fabric, and plain cotton jersey fabric. We sincerely hope to collaborate and exchange ideas with you.

Our department constantly introduces fresh fashion concepts. We keep up with current fashion trends. Our strict production management system always ensures stable and high-quality goods. Our trade team can provide prompt and effective services.

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Wholesale Leggings Fabric Factory in China

Natudon welcomes you to explore our role as a leading wholesale leggings fabric factory in China. We always strive for quality, and continuously deepen our understanding of fashion and the garment industry. We also constantly develop new products and meet market demands. Our factory’s advanced facilities, experienced production team, and comprehensive after-sales team ensure that we can promptly and efficiently meet your bulk fabric needs.

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