Dri-Fit Fabric

At Natudon, we provide moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric as your sportswear material. With over 20 years of experience in the sportswear industry, we have a deep understanding of sports fabrics. Our quick-drying fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties, making it ideal for sportswear and jerseys. Our company also has GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications to ensure the safety and eco-friendliness of our products. Our goal is to create a one-stop service experience for sports fabrics.

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Professional Dri-fit Fabric Manufacturer

Natudon is your premier destination for high-quality dri-fit fabrics. As a leading professional fabric manufacturer in the textile industry, we have a dedicated production team and an after-sales team. We strive to ensure our products’ quality and aim to provide customers with satisfactory products and services. We actively welcome customer feedback and continuously work towards improvement.

Our dri-fit products not only showcase our excellent fabric manufacturing ability but also demonstrate our commitment to innovation and meeting market demands. We create dri-fit garments with outstanding moisture-wicking and sweat-evaporating effects. Whether you are a professional athlete or a sports enthusiast, our fabrics can meet your requirements and provide you with an excellent sports experience.

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Dri-Fit Fabric

Our dri-fit fabrics adopt the latest technology, perfectly combining comfort and performance.

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Dri-Fit 100 Polyester

The dri-fit 100 polyester mesh fabric not only has superior moisture-wicking and quick-drying, but also has great elasticity and resilience. It also offers breathability properties. Besides, this fabric is lightweight, durable, and comfortable when wearing it. Overall, this fabric is very ideal for sports clothing and jersey fabrics!

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Dri-Fit Fabric

Dry Fit Material

The dry fit fabric is 4-way stretch, has great recovery and it isn’t easy to deform. The mesh structure makes this fabric highly breathable, allowing air to freely enter and exit through the small holes. It’s also very soft and comfortable. This fabric will bring you the ultimate sports experience!

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Advantages of Our Brushed Fabric

Exceptional Sweat-wicking

This fabric is woven using special techniques that allow sweat to be absorbed and quickly evaporated, keeping the body dry and comfortable.

Anti-odor Properties

This fabric comes with antibacterial properties. Due to the quick absorption and evaporation of sweat, many bacteria on the body’s surface are carried away, reducing the occurrence of odor. After exercising, the quick-drying garment can be worn without waiting for it to be washed.


Our brushed fabric has a great moisture-wicking function, able to quickly absorb sweat from the body, keeping it dry and comfortable.

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How to Choose a Perfect Dri-Fit Fabric?

First of all, the fabric must have good breathability, moisture, and quick-drying properties. It is best to have antibacterial and anti-UV functions. Finally, you can comprehensively consider factors such as fabric texture, softness, durability, and comfort to choose high-quality quick-drying fabrics that suit your needs.

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Dri-Fit Fabric Wholesale in China

Natudon is honored to be your trusted supplier of quick-drying fabric in China. With a commitment to excellence, we have become the preferred manufacturer of high-quality quick-drying fabrics. We have advanced production equipment and a strict quality control system. Our confidence in exploring new business opportunities stems from our high-quality products. We aim to meet the needs of customers from all over the world and become partners with clothing enterprises in various countries.

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Dri-Fit Fabric Applications

Sportswear and Jerseys Fabrics: This fabric has excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, which can keep athletes dry and comfortable, preventing discomfort due to excessive sweating. Additionally, it is very lightweight, soft, and comfortable, allowing athletes to move freely and comfortably during exercise. Finally, it has high durability and can withstand frequent exercise and washing.

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