Polyester Spandex Fabric

Polyester Spandex fabric offers a comfortable wear and provides enough stretch for freedom of movement for performance applications or casual lifestyle ease. 

Stretch Polyester fabric is a group of durable, quick-drying, and stretchy fabrics. Woven or knit from a primary blend of synthetic polyester and spandex fibers, Stretch Polyester Fabric can be manufactured in a variety of different styles. 

Polyester Spandex Fabric
About Polyester and Spandex Fabric

Professional Polyester Spandex Fabric Manufacturer

Polyester spandex fabric is a popular fabric. It can be used on a variety of clothes. For instance, leggings, yoga and gym gear, suits, sports jackets, and other items are all made from our PXE111 fabric. Please share your usage with us so we can suggest the best fabric for you.

High stretch and wrinkle resistance are advantages of polyester spandex fabric. It’s washable, quick to dry, and convenient to store. The typical method for determining whether a material is polyester is to burn it and look for black smoke. After boiling, the polyester cloth will produce black smoke.

Natudon Textile has achieved OEKO-TEX® certification and met Standard 100. You may have faith in our products. We warrant the safety and skincare of our fabrics. Regarding your order, we may give you an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate.

Featured Polyester Spandex Fabric

Our Polyester Spandex Fabric Product Series, where innovation meets versatility. Crafted with precision, this series offers a seamless fusion of comfort and performance for various applications.

polyester spandex interlock fabric

Polyester Spandex Interlock Fabric

A circular knitting fabric is polyester spandex interlock. With the same appearance on both sides, it is often referred to as double interlock. For long underwear, often known as long johns, this type of cloth works perfectly. Leggings, clothing linings, yoga pants, and children's apparel are some further examples of its use.

First rate 4 way 50D polyester swimwear fabric3

Polyester Rayon Spandex Fabric

Polyester rayon spandex fabric is a versatile textile blend known for its durability and flexibility. The strength of polyester, the smoothness of rayon, and the stretch of spandex make it ideal for comfortable and form-fitting clothing. This fabric is commonly used various fashion applications.

Spandex Stretch Knitted Satin Fabric for Dress and Nightwear

Polyester Spandex Satin Fabric

The majority of our satin fabrics have a matte back and a shiny front. The heavyweight satin is best for dresses, while the lightweight satin is perfect for lingerie. Our polyester spandex satin has a uniform tone of color and Pajamas are frequently. We refer to it as stretch satin since it is also elastic.

polyester spandex brushed fabric

Polyester Spandex Brushed Fabric

Polyester spandex brushed fabric offers a unique combination of qualities, including stretchability, durability, and soft, brushed texture. The brushed finish enhances the fabric's softness, providing a comfortable and cozy feel. It is suitable for activewear, leggings, and other apparel items that require both comfort and resilience.

81% Polyester 19% Spandex Tela Lycra Polyester Spandex Fabric

Polyester Spandex Jersey Fabric

Polyester spandex jersey fabric is a kind of weft knitting fabric. We also call it polyester spandex single jersey. It means the front and back are different. Polyester spandex jersey fabric are usually for T-shirt, polo shirt, vest, underwear. Why? Because polyester spandex jersey has advantages of moisture wicking and breathable.

Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric Natudon

Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric

Knit Polyester Spandex Fabric is a versatile textile blend known for its comfort and flexibility. It combines polyester's durability with spandex's stretchiness, making it ideal for activewear, sportswear, and casual clothing. This fabric offers excellent moisture-wicking properties and retains shape, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.

How to Choose a Perfect Polyester Spandex Fabric

Polyester fabric is one of the most famous fibers used in the textile industry in the world. The material is strong, durable, easy to care for, various, and cheaper than natural fibers.

The poly fabric has a very high color holding capacity, is easy to dye on eye-catching colors, and has less fading during use.

Polyester spandex fabrics come in various textures and finishes, such as matte, shiny, or textured.

The weight of the fabric is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Heavier fabrics tend to be more durable and provide better coverage, while lighter ones are often more breathable and suitable for activewear.

You can choose the perfect polyester spandex fabric that will meet your specific project requirements and yield the best results.

Polyester Spandex Fabric Supplier in China

For many years, Natudon has produced knitted fabrics made of polyester and spandex. We are a sizable manufacturer specializing in printing, dyeing, and textiles. Natudon’s success today results from our commitment to developing high-quality polyester spandex fabrics. They gave Natudon polyester spandex fabric a new lease on life by transforming it into a wide range of apparel for consumers. In addition to spreading fashion concepts, they have gained the favor of many customers.

We offer polyester spandex fabrics in a variety of yarn deniers. We will use the best yarn count for you based on your usage. We can also create a yarn count specifically for you. Additionally, we offer customized spandex and polyester fiber counts. Additionally, we provide spandex and polyester yarns in a variety of lusters. We select the ideal glow based on your requirements. Yarn is the basic building block of fabric. We promise that the quality of our raw materials complies with GB/T and FZ/T standards.

Wholesale Polyester and Spandex Fabric Factory in China

A leading Chinese factory specializes in wholesale Polyester and Spandex Fabric. Renowned for quality and affordability, it offers a wide range of textiles, making it a preferred choice for international buyers.

Polyester and Spandex Fabric Applications

The limitless possibilities of Polyester and Spandex fabric. Known for its exceptional blend of durability and stretch, this fabric finds its place in various domains, offering both comfort and style.

1. Activewear: From yoga pants to performance tops, Polyester and Spandex fabric provides the ideal combination of flexibility and support for your active lifestyle.

2. Sportswear: Create sporty outfits that effortlessly move with you. This fabric is a favorite for athletic shorts, jerseys, and tracksuits.

3. Swimwear: Enjoy the perfect fit and comfort in swimwear. Polyester and Spandex fabric’s resistance to water and its ability to maintain shape.

4. Lingerie: The fabric’s softness and stretch make it a comfortable option for bras, panties, and other intimate apparel.

5. Loungewear: Unwind in style with loungewear crafted from Polyester and Spandex fabric, offering both relaxation and freedom of movement.

6. Dance Costumes: The fabric’s flexibility lends itself well to dance costumes, allowing performers to showcase their moves effortlessly.

7. Leggings: Enjoy a second-skin feel with leggings made from this fabric. They offer a flattering fit and ease of movement.

Polyester Spandex Fabric Applications

Asked Questions

Polyester spandex fabric is a blend of synthetic fibers, typically combining polyester and spandex (also known as elastane or Lycra). It is known for its stretchability, durability, and versatility, making it a popular choice for various clothing and textile applications.

The quality of polyester spandex fabric can vary depending on factors like the blend ratio, manufacturing process, and brand. In general, a well-made polyester spandex blend can offer good quality with its stretch, durability, and ease of care.

Polyester spandex fabric can be suitable for summer, but it depends on the specific blend and weave. It may not be as breathable as natural fibers like cotton, but moisture-wicking variations can help keep you comfortable in hot weather.

Many people find polyester spandex fabric comfortable due to its stretch and flexibility. It can provide a snug fit and ease of movement, making it suitable for activewear, sportswear, and form-fitting clothing.

Polyester spandex fabric may feel warmer than natural fibers in hot weather because it is less breathable. However, lightweight and moisture-wicking versions can mitigate this to some extent.

Polyester itself is not inherently water-resistant, but some polyester spandex fabrics may have water-repellent or moisture-wicking properties depending on their treatment or finish. However, they are not typically considered waterproof.

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