Polyester Swimsuit Fabric Spandex Knitted Fabric

Item Nr: PS817
Composition: Polyester 92% Spandex 8%
Weight: 500g/m2
Width: 80cm
1. good opening and resilience
2. soft and skin-friendly
3. high color fastness
4. chlorine resistant
5. environmental dyestuff
6. UPF 50+

Product Description

polyester swimwear fabric specification

The polyester swimsuit fabric undergoes a special embossing treatment. A unique wrinkle effect is produced. It has great Elasticity. It retains its original shape and appearance even after frequent washing. It provides a good fit and is soft and comfortable without being tight.

white and yellow crinkle swimwear fabric

yellow and white jacquard swimsuit fabric

This fabric has good breathability. It prevents heat from building up on the skin. And it has durability to withstand high-intensity exercise and frequent use. The polyester swimsuit fabric has high stretch and chlorine resistant. It can resist the erosion of detergents and chemicals in the swimming pool.

purple poly spandex crinkle fabric

blue crinkle swimsuit fabric

In addition, this fabric is UV resistant to 50+. It is able to protect the skin from the sun.  As environmental awareness increases. More and more people are concerned about the environmental friendliness of products. The production process of our fabrics is relatively environmentally friendly. It uses sustainable raw material. And it reduces the emission of pollutants during the production process.

green jacquard crinkle fabric

green poly elastane jacquard fabric

The polyester swimsuit fabric is not only providing good comfort and fit. It also offers advantages such as durability and environmental friendliness. This fabric can also be used to make yoga wear, sportswear and so on.

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