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Natudon brand offers high-quality, soft, and comfortable fleece fabrics. The fleece fabrics are perfect for winter clothing and outdoor sportswear. Our fleece fabrics provide excellent warmth and comfort. Whether you need materials for winter garments or sportswear, our products can meet your needs. We conduct strict production inspections for every product. Also, we value customer feedback and suggestions. We are proud to have GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications. Our goal is to provide a one-stop service experience for sports fabrics.

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Professional Fleece Fabric Manufacturer

Natudon brand is your premier destination for top-tier fleece fabrics. We are the leading professional fabric manufacturer in the fabric industry. We produce high-quality fleece products. We take pride in providing satisfactory products and services for our customers. Our fleece products represent our professional manufacturing ability and embody our confidence in winning your love.

We have professional production equipment and technology. Our team of experts and engineers put a lot of effort and dedication into designing fabrics. Each fabric can provide unmatched flexibility, comfort, and durability. Whether you are a sportswear enthusiast or need warm clothing, our fleece fabrics are tailored to elevate your performance and style.

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Fleece Fabric

Our fleece fabrics are versatile. The Fleece product series offers a perfect combination of comfort and performance for various applications.

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Green Fleece Fabric

This green fleece fabric is made with recyclable fibers, effectively reducing waste. Not only incredibly soft and comfortable but also very durable and long-lasting.

This fabric is perfect for meeting your comfort needs. Whether creating warm winter clothing or cozy blankets, this fabric is ideal. Additionally, this fabric is available in various colors, allowing you to choose your favorite ones.

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Polyester Fleece Fabric

The single fleece fabric is composed of 88% polyester fiber and 12% elastic fiber. It’s the perfect combination of comfort, elasticity, and durability. It provides excellent warmth and accepts sublimation printing. It has good elasticity and color fastness. Moreover, this fabric is very skin-friendly and anti-pilling, allowing the skin to breathe freely. We also offer color customization services. Overall, this fabric is ideal for your fashion and crafting needs. Whether you’re designing cozy winter clothing or creating athleisure clothing, this fabric is the ultimate choice.

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Sweatshirt Fleece Fabric

This fabric is suitable for making sweatshirts, with excellent dyeing and a comfortable hand feeling. Additionally, it is a single-sided fleece fabric and it’s anti-pilling. When worn, it provides a warm and comfortable feeling. You won’t even want to take it off.

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Advantages of Our Fleece Fabric

Superior Warmth

The warmth of fleece fabric is mainly because of its fine fluff. These fluffs can trap air and form a protective layer, preventing heat loss and providing better warmth.

Excellent Moisture-wicking and Breathability

Our fleece fabric uses great moisture-wicking and quick-drying fibers, such as polyester. Polyester fibers have excellent moisture absorption capabilities. So the fabric can evaporate sweat quickly. Additionally, the fabric undergoes special treatments, so it has excellent breathability.

Great Comfort

The fleece fabric surface is very soft. It gives the body a comfortable feeling and won’t irritate the skin. Additionally, it has good breathability, allowing the skin to breathe freely.

Good Durability

This fabric is anti-pilling. Also, it can maintain its softness and warmth after repeated use and washing. With proper care, the fabric can maintain its smooth and perfect appearance for a long time. It also has good colorfastness. Its colors remain vibrant and do not fade easily over time.


How to Choose a Perfect Fleece Stretch Fabric

1、Material: Fleece fabric is typically made from polyester fiber or blended fibers. Polyester fiber offers durability and wrinkle resistance and blended fibers can provide better elasticity and comfort. Choose the appropriate material based on specific needs and preferences.

2、Density: The density of fleece fabric determines its warmth and thickness. Higher density means better warmth. Choose the appropriate density based on the intended use and season.

3、Comfort: Comfortable touch is an important consideration when selecting fleece fabric.

4、Durability: Choosing durable fleece fabric ensures long-lasting use and washing without pilling or wearing out.


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Fleece Fabric Supplier in China

Natudon is happy to be your trusted supplier of fleece fabric in China. We are a professional manufacturer in the fabric industry. Our fabric types are diverse and can meet the needs of customers worldwide.  We are equipped with advanced production facilities and a well-structured team. We strive for high-quality products and aim to become a leader in the fabric industry.

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Wholesale Fleece Fabric Factory in China

Natudon welcomes you to explore our role as a leading wholesale factory for fleece fabric in China. With over twenty years of experience in the fabric industry, we have a deep understanding of sportswear.

We can provide wholesale fleece fabric with strict quality control. Our advanced equipment can meet your fabric needs. Additionally, our professional production team offers customized services. Also, our after-sales team is here to provide support. We are confident in establishing a pleasant cooperation with you!


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Fleece Fabric Applications

Winter Clothing: This fabric can provide good warmth and keep the body warm in cold winters. It is relatively lightweight. In addition, it is soft and comfortable and has good breathability and durability.

Sweatshirts: Our Fleece Fabrics have excellent breathability. This can help to wick moisture and sweat from the body, keeping the body dry and comfort. It usually has good elasticity and stretch, allowing you to move freely.


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Asked Questions

What is Fleece Fabrics?

Fleece fabric is soft, warm, and lightweight. It’s usually made from polyester fibers or a blend of polyester and other fibers. Its fleece and slight surface texture provide excellent insulation and warmth. So it’s a popular choice for cold weather clothing such as sweaters and blankets.

Fleece fabric is also known for its moisture-wicking. It helps to keep the body dry and comfort. It is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.

What Are the Key Benefits of Fleece Fabrics?

The biggest advantage of fleece fabric is its warmth and comfort. It has a soft, warm, and lightweight texture. It can provide excellent insulation. At the same time, its surface is soft and cozy, offering exceptional warmth.

Is fleece fabric knit or woven?

Fleece fabrics are mainly knit. This fabric is known for its exceptional skin-feeling and good moisture-wicking.

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