86 Polyester 14 Elastane Fabric for Swimwear

Item Nr: PS010
Composition: Polyester 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 185g/m2
Width: 150/155cm
1. quick dry
2. water absorbent
3. 4-way stretch
4. breathable
5. soft and smooth to the touch

Product Description

The 86 polyester 14 elastane swimwear fabric introduces a harmonious marriage of durability and elasticity. Catering to the specific needs of individuals engaging in water activities. This composition capitalizes on the strengths of both materials. Creating a fabric that excels in performance and comfort.

pink elastane swimwear fabric

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This composition is favored by many for its ability to offer a balance between durability, comfort, and flexibility. The 86 Polyester 14 Elastane fabric is a popular choice for those seeking a combination of waterproof, elastic and skin friendly. Whether for recreational swimming or more active water sports. This fabric composition caters to the diverse needs of individuals looking for reliable and comfortable swimwear.

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What’s more, the 86 polyester 14 elastane fabric is prioritizes both environmental consciousness and performance. This fabric minimizes the environmental impact by reusing existing materials and reducing energy consumption and waste. In conclusion, sustainable polyester elastane fabric embodies a conscientious approach to fashion by integrating recycled materials and environmentally friendly production methods.

sustainable polyester elastane fabric

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