What’s Dri-Fit Fabric?

In recent years, Dri-Fit fabric has become very popular in the sports field. Dri-Fit fabric clothing allows you to feel comfortable in almost any weather. Dri-Fit material is a high-performance, ultra-fine fiber polyester blend material. Nike created the product name because of its extreme moisture-wicking ability. This fabric has many advantages.


Dri fit2

First and foremost, it has excellent sweat-wicking ability. This type of fabric is woven with air gaps. The construction allows sweat to be quickly drawn away from the skin and evenly disperse on the fabric surface for rapidly evaporating. It is hydrophobic and moisture-resistant, so sweat does not linger in the fabric. Therefore, even though it may feel moist to touch, it dries quickly.

The second advantage is its anti-odor properties. It contains antibacterial agents. Other fabrics of clothing require washing before the next use. On the contrary, it can be worn directly after exercise. In addition, this fabric causes relatively little irritation to the skin. Because bacteria and sweat are expelled from the skin, they are unlikely to remain on the skin or inside the fabric. Therefore, the skin is less likely to be irritated, leading to acne or other symptoms.

The third advantage is that this material can also resist UV rays, providing you with additional sun protection during the summer.

We have a quick-drying bird’s eye fabric that has excellent moisture-wicking and breathability capabilities.  You may be interested in it.

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What makes Dri-Fit fabric different from other fabrics?

Firstly, although Dri-FIT fabric is typically made almost entirely polyester, its material type has some differences from other fabrics. Secondly and most importantly, the structure of the fabric is more important than the material itself. The structure of Dri-Fit fabric differs from that of other fabrics. Our bird mesh fabric features a bird’s eye pattern. This pattern enhances both durability and breathability.

Bird Eye Fabric2

How to care for Dri-fit fabric?

The Dri-Fit fabric should be cared for in the following manner. With proper care and cleaning procedures, Dri-Fit fabric won’t shrink. However, shrinking may be a concern if your Dri-Fit garment contains other types of fibers, such as polyester and cotton. To prevent this, you only need to remove the Dri-Fit fabric from cold water and hang it up to air dry.




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