Polyester Mesh Fabric of Athletic Bird Eyes

Item Nr: PX102
Composition: Polyester100%
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 63/65″

1.  has elasticity and resilient
2. good moisture wicking and dri-fit
3. great breathability
4. nice durability
5. lightweight and comfortable

The 100% polyester mesh fabric of bird’s eye has excellent moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathability properties. It also offers good elasticity and resilience. So it is highly durable and easy to care for. Besides, this fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Overall, this fabric is an excellent choice for sportswear and jersey fabrics!



Product Description

Many people may be familiar with sports mesh fabric because it is often used in sportswear, especially basketball jerseys. NBA players often wear mesh jerseys with numbers on them when playing. We have developed a 100% polyester mesh fabric. This fabric is designed with an open weave pattern and has small bird’s eye-shaped holes.

polyester mesh fabric1

What is 100% polyester mesh fabric?

100% polyester mesh fabric refers to a mesh structure material that is entirely composed of polyester fibers.

The advantages of polyester fabric:

Polyester is typically used in mesh fabric production. Polyester fibers have excellent elasticity and resilience, making them highly durable and easy to care for. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. In addition to these characteristics, polyester fabric is also hydrophobic, meaning it quickly repels water and does not absorb moisture. This helps to keep garments dry and comfortable for a long time.

Opposite to pure cotton fibers, pure cotton has strong hydrophilic properties. Cotton garments tend to become damp and heavy with sweat. This increases the burden on the body and promotes the growth of bacteria and odor.

100%Polyester mesh fabric 2

The unique design of bird’s eye mesh:

In addition, the unique design of the bird’s eye mesh provides excellent breathability to the garment. Air can freely circulate through the mesh, effectively dissipating body heat and moisture, and keeping the skin dry and comfortable. Wearing it, one won’t feel stuffy or overheated.

Our 100% polyester mesh fabric of bird’s eye is highly suitable for sportswear and jersey fabrics with a variety of color options. We offer both ready-to-ship colors by the yard or wholesale fabric orders, as well as custom color services!

polyester mesh fabric 3

What is the difference between nylon mesh and polyester mesh?

Nylon and polyester are common fibers used in the production of knitted mesh fabrics. Although these two synthetic fibers have some common characteristics, such as being lightweight, comfortable, durable, and easy to care for, there are several key differences between them.

1、Nylon fibers have a smoother and softer hand feel than polyester, making them more suitable for fabrics that prioritize appearance or user comfort.

2、Nylon has greater elasticity than polyester.

3、Nylon is also hydrophilic, meaning it absorbs water, whereas polyester is hydrophobic, keeping garments dry and comfortable.

4、Nylon fibers highlight bending resistance, stretching, and abrasion. They are more suitable for applications that involve bending and stretching.

However, polyester fibers highlight heat resistance and UV rays. They are more suitable for fabrics that require stability and are exposed to high temperatures and sunlight.

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