Natudon Pique Mesh Fabric with High Stretch

Item Nr: KF-014
Composition: 84% Nylon 14%Spandex
Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 64/66″

1.  Superior moisture-wicking and quick-drying
2. Great breathability
3. Great elasticity
4. High quality
5. Eye-catching fashion sense

Pique mesh fabric has excellent breathability, great elasticity, and a soft touch. It also has good durability and wrinkle resistance. It’s highly suitable for sportswear. Its unique appearance adds a sense of fashion and texture to clothing. In conclusion, it is truly a perfect fabric choice!


Product Description

Have you heard of Pique Mesh Fabric?

Pique mesh fabric is a commonly used material. It’s typically made of polyester or nylon fibers and has a mesh-like texture and a pearl-like luster.


Is pique a good fabric?

This type of fabric is famous for good breathability, high elasticity, softness, and good resistance to wear and wrinkles. The mesh fabric is often used in clothing, home decoration, and other fields.  Its unique appearance can enhance the fashion and texture of clothing.

pique mesh fabric10

Our Pique Mesh Fabric with High Stretch

Our quick-drying sports fabric uses a pique mesh of great texture overall. It is particularly suitable for sportswear, especially golf clothing. The fabric has uniform veins, allowing air to shuttle between the holes freely.

At the same time, sweat is smoothly absorbed away from the skin and evaporates on the fabric’s surface. Its breathability and moisture-wicking performance ensure a comfortable and dry feeling during exercise. In terms of functionality, it is much better than other fabrics!

Moreover, its elasticity and softness provide a comfortable wearing experience, without any sense of restraint when jumping or taking strides. You can have better flexibility and comfort during sports such as golf.

In addition, its unique appearance with its mesh-like texture and pearl-like luster, can add a sense of fashion to clothing. Its abrasion and wrinkle resistance also ensure the clothing maintains good quality during use and washing. It can maintain a good condition even after frequent washing.

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What is the difference between cotton and pique fabric?

Pique mesh fabric and cotton fabric have some differences in terms of fabric characteristics.

  1. Material: Pique mesh fabric is typically made of polyester or nylon fibers. cotton. But the cotton fabric is made of pure cotton fibers.
  2. Breathability: Due to its mesh-like structure, pique mesh fabric has good breathability. Air can circulate freely. The cotton fabric also has some breathability, but it is slightly less breathable compared to pique mesh.
  3. Moisture absorption: Cotton fabric is a natural fiber and it can absorb and release sweat from the body’s surface. Pique mesh fabric, usually made of synthetic fibers, has relatively poorer moisture absorption.
  4. Elasticity and softness: Pique mesh fabric has good elasticity and softness, providing a comfortable wearing experience. Cotton fabric, on the other hand, is relatively softer but has slightly less elasticity.
  5. Durability: Pique mesh fabric typically has good durability, able to withstand a certain level of friction and wear. Cotton fabric has relatively poorer durability.

In summary, pique mesh fabric and cotton fabric have differences in terms of breathability, moisture absorption, elasticity, softness, and durability. The choice of fabric depends on specific usage needs and personal preferences.

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