Power Mesh Fabric for Sportswear

Item Nr: NS008
Composition: Nylon 90% Spandex 10%
Weight: 160g/m2
Width: 61/63″
1. high elastic
2. breathable
3. quick dry
4. moisture wicking
5. soft and comfortable

Product Description

The power mesh fabric is a versatile textile used in sportswear, lingerie, and more. It blends tough nylon with stretchy spandex, creating a durable and flexible material. One of the key features of nylon spandex power mesh is its ability to provide excellent support and shape retention. The inherent stretchiness offered by spandex ensures a snug fit. Making it ideal for garments that require a form-fitting silhouette.

the nylon spandex power mesh fabric specification

khaki brick mesh fabric for sportswear

yellow power mesh fabric

Breathable and elastic, the nylon spandex power mesh fabric enhances comfort, especially during physical activities. Its moisture wicking properties keep the wearer dry, making it ideal for active pursuits. Beyond fashion, this fabric is employed in medical garments and industrial applications where a robust, yet flexible material is essential. The open mesh design adds breathability, making it suitable for various uses.

white mesh fabric

pink mesh fabric

mesh fabric for sportswear

In summary, nylon spandex power mesh fabric’s marriage of durability and stretchiness makes it a sought-after choice in diverse fields, from fashion to technical applications, showcasing its adaptability and performance.

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