Tie Dye Fabric with High Color Fastness

Item Nr: NS110G
Composition: Nylon 75% Elastane 25%
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 59/61″
1. good color fastness
2. good moisture wicking
3. anti-pilling
4. elastic and resilient
5. vibrant colors

This tie dye fabric has rich colors and good color fastness. It’s not only anti-pilling but also has nice moisture-wicking. At the same time , it’s versatile for yoga wear, sportswear, causal wear and fashion.

Product Description

The tie dye fabric usually has a unique look and once became the most popular fabric. It not only has practical uses but also holds artistic value with the tie dye process. The biggest characteristic of our tie-dye fabric is its multiple color effect and no color mixing. If you wear it, you will straightly stand out from the crowds.

Moreover, this fabric has excellent color fastness. Most importantly, the tie dye fabric has no color difference, so you don’t have to worry about the item not matching the photo. When you wash it with other fabrics in the washing machine, the color won’t shift or stain other clothes.

Why is that? It’s because we make strict inspections before packing it. High quality is our service principle! Since you read here, are you curious about its uses? Please follow me and continue browsing!

Tie Dye Double-faced Brushed Fabric for Yoga Wear

tie dye process

The double-brushed fabric is the same style. It is the same material and quality as Lulu leggings fabric. The brushing technique gives the fabric a buttery soft hand feeling. Besides, it’s 4-way stretch! Not only provides body support but also gives the body comfort. The tie dye fabric is an excellent choice for making yoga clothing. It brings beauty and comfort at the same time.

Tie Dye Double-faced Brushed Fabric for Sportswear

tie dye process 2

What do you consider when buying sportswear? Comfort?Style?or Function? I suppose it’s a function! This tie dye fabric has an excellent moisture-wicking function. It works well during exercise, bringing the body relaxed and easy-to-stretch. It allows you to enjoy exercise!

In addition, this product is anti-pilling and has good durability. You only need regular cleaning. Overall, it is a perfect choice as a sportswear fabric.

Tie Dye colorful brushed Fabric for Fashion Clothing

tie dye process 3jpg

When wearing fashionable clothing daily, the tie dye fabric must be comfortable and stylish. This fabric perfectly meets these requirements! Its unique tie dye technique offers a distinctive appearance and a wide range of color options. Wearing it will make you look incredibly personalized! Moreover, its skin-friendly texture provides a comfortable feeling and is not too compressive. Also, the fabric is ideal for sports jackets, tops,  camisoles, and other casual wear! So how versatile the tie dye fabric is!

Don’t hesitate! Apply your idea to this gorgeous tie dye fabric!


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