Polyester Recycled Fabric with Double Brushed

Item Nr: PS111G
Composition: Polyester80% Elastane 20%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 61/63″

RST Colors: 1 yard

1. use recycled yarn as raw material
2. good moisture wicking
3. anti-pilling
4. elastic and resilient
5. good hand feeling

The polyester recycled fabric has a buttery soft hand feeling and good moisture wicking. It is very ideal for yoga wear and sportswear Besides, fashion clothing can also use this fabric because of its comfort and anti-pilling function.

Product Description

Many people may be unfamiliar with polyester recycled fabric. The fabric is a sustainable fiber. It is eco-friendly, durable, lightweight, and colorful. Also, it is suitable for a wide range of clothing!
Apart from that, our recycled polyester fabric contains ultra-fine fibers. It can enhance the cloth’s breathability and comfort. The microfiber fabric’s surface hasn’t obvious textures and is very smooth! Overall, the combination of the two fibers gives the fabric unparalleled comfort!

What’s more, the polyester recycled fabric has also various applications. Let’s have a look!

The Polyester Recycled Fabric for Yoga Wear and Leggings

yoga wear 3

This polyester recycled fabric with double brushed has a buttery soft hand feeling. Also, the fabric has good moisture-wicking and breathability. These advantages can reduce the burden on the body during exercise.
Beyond that, this fabric has good elasticity. It not only provides body support but also is easy to stretch. In yoga exercises, fabric abrasion is inevitable between the body and other objects. However, using our recycled polyester can extend yoga clothes’ life, because of its excellent durability!
The fabric can be used for a long time, so it is worth buying! Are you interested?

The Polyester Recycled Fabric for Sportswear

polyester recycled fabric for sportswear

Apart from yoga wear, this polyester recycled fabric is highly ideal for sports, especially outdoor sports. Why? Because this fabric is UV-resistant.The function can protect skin against the sunlight. Additionally, it has excellent moisture-wicking and breathability advantages. These help to prevent the body from feeling sticky. Importantly, its elasticity helps people exercise and fully enjoy exercise!

The Polyester Recycled Fabric for Fashion Clothing

fashion clothing

This fabric can use sublimation printing! This technology can manufacture long-lasting and fade-resistant prints with vibrant Colors. The feature can greatly meet fashion clothing requirements! According to market demand, you can customize patterns in different styles.

Besides, the polyester recycled fabric is skin-friendly and anti-pilling. It’s very suitable for casual wear. You only need to clean your clothes occasionally if the cloth is dirty. Let’s use the fabric to achieve its value!


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