Interlock Knit Fabric with High Stretch and Recovery

Item Nr: PS111
Composition: Polyamide 81% Elastane 19%
Weight: 250-260g/m2
Width: 63/65″
1. elastic and resilient
2. good moisture wicking
3. sublimation fabric
4. superfine and tight-knitting
5. free cutting

This interlock knit fabric has advantages that other fabrics don’t have! It has high elasticity and excellent recovery. Also, it’s microfiber so the surface is smooth and has no obvious texture. What’s more, it accepts custom colors and heat transfer printing, allowing it to meet customers’ needs!

Product Description

Are you looking for a high-stretch interlock knit fabric? Do you have specific requirements for durability, breathability, and style? If so, look at this fabric named “Double-faced Cloth”! This fabric has excellent compression and a good body hug. At the same time, it has great elasticity, allowing the body to move freely and comfortably. This double-faced interlock knit fabric is mainly composed of superfine yarn, with advantages such as a soft and comfortable touch, lightweight, and breathability. Why not choose this fabric as your clothing material?

There are multiple color options available to satisfy your needs. If the desired color is not available, customization is also possible. When light shines on it, it has a slightly milky white luster. Furthermore, it’s a free cut for seamless clothing. As the double-faced interlock knit fabric is mainly made with polyester yarn, it can also be used for heat sublimation printing.

Now, let’s move on to the most important and valuable part. What can you do with the double-sided interlock knit fabric? Let’s have a look!

Interlock Knit Fabric for Yoga Wear

interlock knit fabric for yoga

This double-faced interlock knit fabric is suitable for yoga wear and leggings. Thanks to the use of ultra-fine yarn, it offers excellent breathability and comfort. Moreover, the microfiber fabric surface is smooth and has no obvious texture.

In addition, the combination of polyester and spandex easily creates elasticity and resilience. When practicing yoga, the fabric gives you good body support, making every inch of your skin wrapped by the fabric. By the way, the double-sided interlock knit fabric is suitable for all body types due to 20% spandex!

Interlock Knit Fabric for Sportswear

interlock knitting for sports

This fabric is an excellent material for manufacturing sportswear. All types of sportswear require excellent moisture-wicking performance, which is also a key factor influencing customers’ choice of sportswear.

When people exercise, the interlock knit fabric can be sweat-wicking and quickly dry, keeping your skin dry and comfy. The fabric provides a super cozy feeling when you wear it. Besides, to verify it’s breathable, we placed this fabric in hot water and found that water vapor appeared above the fabric.

Interlock Knit Fabric for Fashion Clothing 

different fashion clothing

This interlock knit fabric offers freedom in cutting, high elasticity, and resilience. It must be popular among people. If people have a demand for free cut(clean cut), coming across this fabric is very fortunate.

Vibrant colors always attract attention. Additionally, the yarn does not unravel when cutting the fabric. Most importantly, this fabric is customizable and can be used for heat transfer printing. This can meet various customer requirements for colors and patterns. Isn’t it enticing? This fabric is indeed the perfect choice for creating fashionable clothing!




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