Poly Spandex Knit Fabric Used for Sportswear

Item Nr: PS109
Composition: Polyester 78% Spandex 22%
Weight: 250g/m2
Width: 59/61″
1. good opening and resilience
2. non-pilling
3. high color fastness
4. breathable and soft
5. highly absorbent

Product Description

The poly spandex knit fabric plays a role in many fields of sports. It offers excellent comfort, high recovery, elasticity, wicking and ease of cleaning. This fabric has excellent athletic properties. It meets the needs of a variety of high-intensity sports. It is also suitable for different occasions.

brown polyester spandex fabric

Poly spandex knit fabric offers excellent comfort. Its soft texture and excellent elasticity provide a great wearing experience. This fabric has good breathability. Helps keep athletes dry and comfortable. And avoids excessive heat generation during exercise.

poly spandex breathable fabric

The p0ly spandex knit fabric are less prone to wrinkles and have a high level of recovery. It stays in good condition after many uses. The surface of this fabric is smooth and does not easily attract dirt. It is very easy to clean and very user-friendly.

polyester elastane non pilling fabric

What’s more, the poly spandex knit fabric has high color fastness. It uses environmental dyestuff and recycled yarn. It makes your use of it unencumbered. We will do our best to bring you the best products!

spandex polyester fabric

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