What Are Good Sweat-Wicking Fabrics ?

Summer and winter are often disliked due to the uncomfortable sticky feeling of much sweat. So, how can we solve this problem? One solution is to choose good sweat-wicking fabrics for our clothing. The sticky feeling on the body can be attributed to two factors:

1、 Bad breathability of the clothing, causing heat and excessive sweating.

2、Insufficient moisture-wicking of the fabric. Fabric fails to effectively absorb and remove sweat from the skin, leading to discomfort.

To address these issues, it is important to select fabrics that can minimize sweating and enhance moisture-wicking. Here is a summary of the criteria for choosing clothing fabrics.

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Minimize sweating 

To minimize sweating, the most important factor in fabric selection is breathability. In this area, natural fibers perform exceptionally well.


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Cotton is a natural fiber. It has excellent softness, water absorption, and low allergenicity. Most importantly, cotton has outstanding breathability, allowing air to flow freely through the fiber gaps. The skin can breathe and reduce the feeling of stuffiness.

Additionally, cotton has strong water absorption, but it does not wick away sweat. Instead, cotton fabric absorbs sweat until it becomes a water-soaked towel. Therefore, when selecting its color, you better choose light colors to avoid sweat stains and marks. Furthermore, because it’s wrinkle-resistant, a cotton-polyester blend is a better choice.


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Linen is also a natural fiber. Its loose weave structure allows heat to dissipate easily, making it highly breathable. Additionally, linen garments are often loose-fitting, enhancing comfort. Moreover, linen has excellent temperature-regulating properties, so it’s an ideal fabric to keep you cool in summer. Similar to cotton, linen has strong water absorption and is wrinkle-resistant, so you better choose linen blends.

3、Bamboo Fiber

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In recent years, bamboo fiber has become an increasingly popular fabric choice. This fabric is lightweight, soft, and has excellent breathability and moisture-wicking. Its loose fiber structure allows for good air circulation, enabling the skin to breathe.

Its numerous micro-holes can absorb a large amount of moisture,  keeping the skin dry even in hot and damp environments. Bamboo fiber fabrics are more expensive, but you can opt for bamboo blends.


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Silk is known for its softness, lightweight feel, and breathability. It also has good sweat-wicking but the ability isn’t as good as cotton, bamboo fiber, and other fibers. Additionally, thicker silk fabrics have relatively poorer breathability. Silk is also delicate and prone to damage, and it can retain odors. So it requires careful care in daily use.

Sweat-Wicking Fabric

1、Micro Modal

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Micro Modal is one of the best moisture absorption and sweat-wicking fabrics. It offers superior comfort and better water absorption than cotton. It’s an excellent choice for people who sweat a lot.


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Chambray has a similar appearance to denim but is more breathable and moisture-absorbing. It is comfortable to wear and won’t make you feel uncomfortable even when sweating. It can be used to make pants, shirts, dresses, and sweaters. If you choose a dark-colored chambray, sweat stains won’t be noticeable.

3、Polyester Fiber


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Polyester fiber has high stain resistance and durability, but its moisture absorption and sweat-wicking are very poor. Moisture remains on the skin and rolls down, making you feel hot and sticky. However, adding mesh designs can improve its breathability. For example, our company has a 100% polyester bird’s eye mesh fabric. It’s perfect for making jerseys and sportswear. Wearing it, you will enjoy an unparalleled wonderful experience during sports activities. When mixed with natural fibers like cotton, it can also have the same effect.


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Nylon fabric dries quickly and is elastic, lightweight, anti-pilling, and abrasion-resistant. It’s an excellent choice for sweaty sports activities. It’s worth mentioning that it’s hard to show sweat stains in the fabric. The person can show charm confidently.

5、Merino Wool

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Lightweight and soft, Merino wool is an excellent sweat-wicking fabric. Besides, it can regulate body temperature. Additionally, it has good breathability and odor resistance. Its drawback is that it is not durable, prone to damage, and relatively expensive.


Each fabric mentioned above has its advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing a fabric with good moisture-wicking, blended fabrics are worth considering. Most moisture-wicking fabrics on the market today are blended fabrics. This indicates that fabric suppliers have recognized their advantages.

So how should consumers choose? Consumers can consider their own needs and budget to find a fabric with a high percentage of their desired fiber content. The composition of the fabric should be reasonable. In addition, they can also choose based on the following general categories.

1、For work and formal occasions: Avoid using synthetic fabrics and choose natural sweat-absorbing fabrics.
2、For daily casual occasions: choose soft and comfortable fabrics such as cotton or linen. Because they are soft, breathable, and odor-resistant. Avoid using synthetic fiber fabrics.
3、For sports activities: Choose synthetic materials because they not only have moisture-wicking capabilities but also excellent elasticity. Natural fibers are a secondary choice.

Still don’t know what to choose?

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