How to Choose Fitness Fabric?

After a tough workout, you may either feel satisfied and excited, or exhausted and drained. The choice of fitness fabric can greatly impact your experience. If the fabric has poor moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, you may feel uncomfortable with sweat all over your body. You will have a sticky sensation. How unpleasant it is?

On the other hand, if the fabric effectively wicks away moisture, your body will still keep dry. A relaxed and pleasant feeling washes over you. So, do you understand the importance of choosing fitness fabric now?


2fitness fabric

how do you choose fitness fabric?

There are several factors to consider:


Great breathability allows sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping the body cool and comfortable during workouts.


The ability helps prevent moisture from lingering on the body, avoiding discomfort and odor.


Fabrics with good quick-drying properties can evaporate sweat quickly, keeping the fabric dry and reducing body burden.

4、Stretch and resilience:

Fabrics with good stretch and resilience provide better freedom of movement and comfort. You will feel unrestricted when wearing it. The extreme stretch fabric adapts to workouts with a range of motion.


Good durability allows the fabric to withstand bursts and keep its shape longer.


Anti-bacterial fabrics can effectively reduce bacterial growth, keeping the clothing clean and healthful.

7、UV protection:

In outdoor activities, choosing fabrics with good anti-UV can help reduce skin irritation from UV rays.

fitness fabric


Different fabrics may have different performance properties. When choosing fitness fabric, it is best to consider your personal needs and the type of favorite exercise. Match your needs and exercise type with the characteristics of the fabric. Here are five main types of fitness fabric that can be used as a reference.


spandex fabric

Applicable occasions: Highly active and skin-tight sports such as yoga, running, and swimming

Spandex is a highly popular synthetic fiber. The biggest advantages of this fabric are extreme elasticity and resilience. It is particularly suitable for individuals requiring a wide range of motion and flexibility for exercising. In addition, spandex’s moisture-wicking and breathability can meet workout requirements.

We have a fabric made of spandex and polyester blend. The fabric has a buttery soft hand feeling and good moisture wicking. It is very ideal for yoga wear and sportswear. Besides, fashion clothing can also use this fabric because of its comfort and anti-pilling function.

Spandex is perfect for tight-fitting sportswear, casual wear, and other garments. Moreover, spandex fabric is best washed with water and air-dried to prolong its lifespan.


nylon swimwear fabric

Applicable occasions: All exercise and weather conditions

Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and resilience, as well as high moisture-wicking, breathability, and durability. You can almost see it in any product. It is especially ideal for outdoor activities because it is lightweight, quick-drying, and easy to care for.

In addition to that, combining nylon and spandex will result in better performance. This type of fabric can also be used for making shapewear, activewear, yoga wear, and more. Our 4 way stretch nylon spandex fabric has excellent elasticity and recovery. Besides, it also has good moisture-wicking and color fastness. This fabric is wrinkle-free and has a soft hand feeling. Overall, this fabric is really excellent!





orange polyamide elastane underwear fabric

Applicable occasions: All exercise and weather conditions

Polyester fabric meets almost all requirements. It has excellent elasticity, durability, wrinkle resistance, moisture-wicking, and breathability. Wearing garments made of polyester is very comfortable. However, it has a significant drawback: it isn’t antimicrobial and odorless. The solution is to clean used polyester clothing frequently.

This type of fabric can be used to make sportswear, yoga leggings, and fashion garments. Our product not only has excellent performance but also has a wide range of applications. Would you like to have a look?


4、 Bamboo Fabric

bamboo fabric

Applicable occasions: All exercise

Bamboo fabric is extremely soft and has excellent moisture-wicking and odor-less properties. Being a natural fiber, it can reduce skin irritation and regulate skin temperature effectively. Due to its eco-friendly features, bamboo fabric tends to be more expensive than regular fabrics. The biggest advantage of choosing it is the contribution to environmental protection.


cotton fabric

Applicable occasions: No sweating situations

Cotton fabric is soft and breathable. So it is perfect for everyday wear. However, it has a significant drawback: it has high water absorption. If you sweat, clothing made of cotton will become soaked and heavy, adding extra burden to the body. Therefore, this fabric isn’t suggested for high sweat-level activities such as high-intensity training.

nylon spandex mesh

Regardless of the fabric choice, it is important to select based on your own needs and purpose. There is no ‘best’ fabric, only the most suitable fabric!








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