Which Material Is Best for Sportswear Fabric?

After the epidemic, people become more conscious about exercise and fitness for good physical quality. If you decide to exercise, having great sportswear fabric is essential!

Sportswear is necessary for several reasons.

1、 It can provide comfort and useful functionality during exercise. Its breathability and moisture-wicking can help regulate body temperature and keep the body dry.
2、 Sportswear allows you to move around fully.
3、 Sportswear has additional features like body support, padding, or compression. These can enhance performance and protect your body from injuries.

4 way stretch sportswear fabric
When people choose sportswear, the most important factors to consider may be functionality and comfort. Of course, aesthetics are also a consideration, but it isn’t the most important factor.
Sportswear must be breathable, sweat-wicking, soft, and flexible. Furthermore, sportswear should have UV protection, wind resistance, and water resistance to adapt to different climates and environments.

Which Material is Best for Sportswear Fabric?

1、Sportswear Fabric–Cotton

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Cotton fabric has good breathability and odor-control capabilities.  As a sportswear fabric, cotton has inherent antimicrobial ability. This can help prevent clothing from developing unpleasant odors.
Also, cotton has good moisture-wicking.

But it will become heavy and less comfortable after absorbing lots of sweat. Furthermore, cotton has poor elasticity compared to synthetic fabrics. It is easy to lose its shape and become stretched out over time. To overcome the drawbacks of cotton fabric, our company blends cotton and spandex to create a new fabric–CS(cotton spandex).

2、Sportswear Fabric–Polyester

polyester fiber for sportswear fabric

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is typically made from polyester-based chemicals. This fiber is relatively cheap. And it’s lightweight, durable, and breathable. It’s also wrinkle-resistant. Polyester is often blended with other fibers to get better stretch and recovery.

There is an 86% polyester and 14 %spandex fabric for Swimwear. This fabric excels in performance and comfort! This blended fabric is widely used in various applications, such as yoga wear, leggings, or sportswear.

3、Sportswear Fabric–Spandex

colorful nylon spadex underwear fabric


Spandex, also known as elastane, is a synthetic sportswear fabric with excellent elasticity, stretch, and recovery. In addition, this fiber has many other functional benefits, including high comfort, durability, breathability, wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking. It is indeed a great choice for sportswear.

The only drawback is the impossibility of embroidery designs. Spandex is often blended with polyester or cotton such as interlock knit fabric. It has high elasticity and excellent recovery. Also, it’s microfiber so the fabric’s surface is smooth and has no obvious texture. These blended sportswear fabrics are suitable for leggings, yoga wear, and swimwear.

Natudon brand has four main product areas online: swimwear fabric, yoga leggings fabric, cycling clothing fabric, and jersey fabric. These four areas primarily use blends of two fibers and spandex is the most commonly used auxiliary material.

4、Sportswear Fabric–Nylon

hige elasticity interlock fabric

Nylon is a lightweight sportswear fabric fiber. It doesn’t add extra burden on the body during exercise. It offers excellent elasticity and comfort. It also has good breathability and durability. Most importantly, this fiber is easy to clean. Specifically, it can be machine-washed and dries quickly. Nylon suits various sports and activities, such as running, fitness, and outdoor sports.

5、Sportswear Fabric–Bamboo Fiber

bamboo fabric

The bamboo fiber is extremely soft. It has excellent moisture-wicking and odor-resistant functions. Additionally, it has temperature regulation, UV protection, and anti-static function. Bamboo fiber is highly breathable and more elastic than cotton.

Almost all applications using cotton can also use bamboo fiber. Clothes with bamboo fiber are thinner than cotton garments. At the same time, maintaining similar or higher stretchability is possible.

 6、Sportswear Fabric–Regenerated fiber


Represented by Modal and Tencel, regenerated fiber is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and versatile. This fiber is softer, more durable, and lighter than traditional fiber. Additionally, regenerated fiber has excellent moisture-wicking, helping to keep the body dry and comfortable.

There are six main types of sportswear fabrics. Each fabric has both advantages and drawbacks.  Consumers can choose the appropriate fabric based on their specific needs and the advantages of each type!  Blended fabrics can offer superior functionality. Our company specializes in polyester, spandex, and nylon fabrics, catering to various fields such as sportswear and yoga. Welcome to inquire us!


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