Natudon 100% Polyester Interlock Fabric for Sportswear

Item Nr: P108
Composition: Polyester 100%
Weight: 120g/m2
Width: 59/61″

1.  Superior moisture-wicking and quick-drying
2. Great breathability
3. Great elasticity
4. Silky hand feeling
5. Excellent color fastness

The 100% polyester interlock fabric offers advantages such as breathability, quick drying, durability, elasticity, and resilience. It’s an ideal choice, providing comfort and long-lasting performance during physical activities.

Product Description

This 100% polyester interlock fabric is composed of 100% polyester fibers. The fabric is practical and common. It is highly suitable for making shirts, dresses, pants, curtains, bedding, and more. Also, it has many advantages, such as easy care, softness, lightness, wrinkle resistance, anti-static and wear resistance.

Besides, its double-sided feature allows for greater design flexibility. You can have a choice of different fabric textures and colors according to your requirements. For everyday wear or home decoration, the polyester fabric is a highly practical choice.

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The characteristics of our 100% polyester interlock fabric are as follows:

1、 Superior moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Compared to fabrics used for shirts, pants, and linings, this fabric is ideal for making sportswear and jerseys.

2、Nice breathability. Air can freely pass through the gaps in the fibers. This fabric keeps the body feeling dry and prevents overheating.

3、Great elasticity. You can stretch it in any direction you like. Don’t worry about it deforming. It will meet your needs perfectly.

4、Silky hand feeling. When you touch this fabric, it feels like touching butter. The fabric will slip smoothly through your hands.

5、Excellent color fastness. The colors will not easily fade or bleed.


polyester fabric10

100% Polyester Interlock Fabric for Sportswear and Jerseys

  1. Nice breathability can effectively wick away sweat and moisture to keep the body dry and comfortable.
  2. Quick drying allows sportswear to efficiently maintain a comfortable wearing experience.
  3. The durability makes the fabric withstand frequent movement and wash without easily wearing out or deforming. So the ability extends the lifespan of the garment.
  4. Good elasticity and resilience allow a good range of motion and a comfortable fit. You won’t feel restricted.
  5.  Wrinkle resistance can make clothing maintain a neat appearance and accept frequent ironing.


In summary, 100% polyester interlock fabric qualities make it an ideal choice, giving comfort and long-lasting performance during physical activities.

You can only truly experience the benefits of wearing it on yourself. We look forward to the moment when you meet the fabric!

100% polyester interlock fabric8

How do you care for 100% polyester interlock fabric?

1、Low-temperature or air drying

2、Avoid direct sunlight exposure

3、Gentle scrubbing: avoid excessive rubbing or twisting of the fabric

4、Separate colors: wash different colors separately to prevent color bleeding.

5、Gentle washing: wash the fabric by hand or machine in cold water.


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