Natudon Micro Shine Fabric 4 Way Stretch UPF50+

Item Nr: NS031
Composition: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Weight: 180g/m2
Width: 59″

1.  Excellent stretch
2. Anti-UV
3. Extreme comfort
4. Good breathability and moisture-wicking
5. Great durability

Micro shine fabric suits those who prefer an understated and sophisticated style. Whether at the pool, the beach, or the resort, this fabric allows the wearer to show confidence and taste!

Product Description

Shiny swimsuit fabric has a bright luster on its surface. It includes both super shine fabric and micro shine fabric. Shiny fabric sparkles more under light, making the wearer more attractive. At the same time, shiny swimsuits combine fashion design with a stronger sense of style. Through various styles of cuts, interesting decorations, and eye-catching colors and patterns, shiny swimsuits have become the darling of the fashion industry.

We develop a highly durable micro shine fabric. Compared to super shiny fabric, it has a lower degree of luster, appearing more delicate and soft.


micro shine fabric

In terms of performance, this micro shine fabric is an all-round warrior!

1. 4 Way Stretch

micro shine fabric11

This swimsuit fabric has excellent elasticity and recovery. It provides proper tightness without restricting movement. When worn in water, swimsuits stay in place and fit closely to the body’s curves, offering the body good support and protection. Additionally, it quickly recovers its original shape after stretching.

2. Comfort and breathability:

micro shine fabric 10

This swimsuit fabric is soft and smooth, providing comfort against the skin. It gently fits into the body without causing friction or discomfort. It also offers good breathability, allowing the skin to breathe. This helps reduce sweat and moisture accumulation, keeping the body dry and comfortable.

3. Excellent durability and wrinkle resistance:

micro shine fabric12

Swimsuits will fade when exposed to prolonged water immersion and sunlight. However, our micro shine fabric has excellent color fastness. It can maintain its original color and appearance even after prolonged exposure to chlorinated water and sunlight. Additionally, it quickly recovers its smoothness after frequent wearing or washing.

4. Quick-drying:

This fabric is also quick-drying. This reduces the discomfort and risk of infection to the skin.


This micro shine swimsuit fabric undergoes special technological treatment to enhance its sun protection properties. It effectively blocks the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing damage to the skin.

6. Moisture-wicking:

This lightweight fabric has excellent moisture-wicking. It absorbs sweat and quickly evaporates it from the fabric’s surface. This keeps the body dry and comfortable.


In summary, shiny swimsuits are highly popular in the fashion industry. Their unique glossy effect and diverse designs suit people of different ages and body types. Shiny swimsuits add fashion and confidence to the wearer, whether swimming under the sun or on the beach.

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