Natudon 4 Way Stretch Swimwear Fabric with High Quality

Item Nr: PS010
Composition: 86% polyester 14% Spandex
Weight: 180-200g/m2
Width: 59″

1.  Excellent stretch
2. Quick-drying
3. Extreme comfort
4. Good breathability
5. Anti-UV

This 4 way stretch swimwear fabric is not only quick-drying but also breathable, comfortable, and available in a variety of colors and styles.

Product Description

Swimwear is generally made from polyester and nylon fabrics. We are a specialized manufacturer of high-quality swimwear fabrics. Our 4 way stretch swimwear fabric contains elastic fibers, making it even more elastic.

This fabric has excellent elasticity both horizontally and vertically. It can stretch and rebound in all directions. So it can naturally adapt to the body’s movements and postures. This fabric also has many other advantages:

1、Comfortable and elastic:

stretch 4 way stretch swimwear fabric

The 4 way stretch swimwear fabric provides better freedom of movement and adaptability. It makes the swimwear fit closer to the body, reducing friction and discomfort. More importantly, this fabric can better shape the body’s curves and reflect its beauty.

2、Excellent quick-drying property:

breathability 4 way stretch swimwear fabirc

Polyester fibers have a faster drying speed. This polyester spandex fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability. At the same time, it can quickly wick moisture away from the fabric.  This reduces the drying process.

3、Outstanding water resistance:

water resistant

This 4 way stretch swimwear fabric resists water penetration and absorption. Water droplets will form on the surface of the swimwear when it attaches to water. This not only reduces the weight of the swimwear but also enhances comfort.

4、Great durability:

4 way stretch swimwear fabric durablility

This fabric is durable. It can withstand long-time use and frequent movement. Additionally, it has good chlorine resistance.  It can resist the corrosive effects of chlorine and extend the lifespan of the swimwear.

Lastly, it has excellent anti-UV, effectively protecting against harmful UV rays. This helps prolong the color and quality of the swimwear.

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Our 4 way stretch swimwear fabric has always been our main product. It has various colors, and we also offer customization services for colors and styles. With its excellent colorfastness, you don’t have to worry about color transfer issues.

We conduct strict quality inspections on products before shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to communicate with us!

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