Brushed Fabric

At Natudon, we offer soft and comfortable brushed fabric as your sportswear material. Our fabrics specialize in sportswear. These brushed fabrics have excellent elasticity and durability. Our products can meet your needs whether you like sports, yoga, or playing ball. High quality is always our company’s commitment. We also have  GRS and OEKO-TEX certifications. We strive to create a one-stop service experience for sports fabrics. In addition, our company aims to become one of the top 10 spandex fabric suppliers in China.

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brushed fabric
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Professional Brushed Fabric Manufacturer

At Natudon, we are your premier destination for top-tier, brushed fabrics. We are the leading professional fabric manufacturer in the fabric industry. At the same time, we still strive for innovation and quality. The ultimate goal is to provide satisfactory products and services for customers. Our brushed products not only represent our professional-making ability but also embody our relentless pursuit of innovation.

As a professional manufacturer, we have professional production equipment and technology. Our team of experts and engineers put in so much effort and dedication to design fabrics. Each fabric can provide unmatched flexibility, comfort, and durability. Whether you’re a sportswear designer, an athlete, or a fashion person, our brushed fabrics are tailored to elevate your performance and style.

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Brushed Fabric

Our brushed fabric series’ innovations are versatile. Carefully crafted series offers a perfect combination of comfort and performance for various applications.

brushed knit fabric

Double Brushed Knit Fabric

The double brushed knit fabric is a versatile textile. Not only has good durability but also gives a comfortable hand feeling. This fabric is made from nylon and elastic spandex. This technology creates a stretchy and flexible material. If you stretch the fabric outward, the nylon and spandex blend material can endure wear and tear. Its moisture-wicking function helps to deliver a dry and comfortable experience. Overall, it is especially suitable for sportswear.


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double brushed poly fabric

Double Brushed Poly Fabric

The double brushed poly fabric has a buttery soft touch. Additionally, this fabric also has good breathability and moisture-wicking. These advantages help reduce the burden on the body during physical activity. It is highly suitable for yoga wear and sportswear. Moreover, fashion clothing can also utilize this fabric because it offers both comfort and anti-pilling.


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brushed nylon fabric

Brushed Nylon Fabric

This brushed nylon fabric boasts various colors and has excellent color fastness. It is both pilling-resistant but also has excellent sweat-wicking. Its skin-friendly texture provides a buttery hand feeling and doesn’t compress too much. These allow the body to relax and stretch easily. Exercise becomes more effective. Additionally, it is versatile. This fabric can be used for yoga wear, sportswear, casual wear, and fashion garments.

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fleece fabric for blankets


Brushed Fleece Fabric

This brushed fleece fabric is made from microfiber materials. Also, it is perfect for all your comfort needs. Whether you’re looking to create stylish leisure wear or the coziest blankets, this fabric is a necessity. Not only is it incredibly soft, but it is also durable and long-lasting.

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Nude Feeling Fabric polyester

Brushed Polyester Fabric 

This brushed polyester fabric is popular among young and middle-aged people. With its unparalleled texture and amazing stretch, you always want something better. This fabric feels like people’s second skin and is ideal for almost every occasion. Whether you are staying at home or going out, this fabric can meet your choice!

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Brushed Single Jersey Fabric (11)

Double Brushed Poly Knit Fabric

This double brushed poly knit fabric is a high-quality textile designed for both comfort and style. It is made from premium spun yarn. It features a soft brushed surface on one side. This provides a soft and furry skin feeling. Its single-knit construction offers excellent elasticity and flexibility. This double brushed poly knit fabric is highly ideal for various occasions such as cozy leisure wear, comfortable t-shirts, lightweight sweaters, and more.

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T shirt fabric for dyeing and printing

Brushed Knit Fabric

This brushed knit fabric has excellent moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant function. It can quickly absorb sweat from the body, and keep the body dry. What’s more, it can reduce the impact of moisture and improve sports performance and comfort. This fabric is very suitable for t-shirts, sportswear, and jersey fabric!

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double brushed poly jpg

Double Brushed Poly Fabric

This double brushed poly fabric has a highly dense content and uses highly stretchy yarns. So its bursting strength is great. Besides, it has excellent sweat-wicking and comfortable body shaping. As sportswear fabric, it is anti-pilling and anti-UV. Wearing it, you can freely show your good figure!

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Advantages of Our Brushed Fabric

Exceptional Flexibility

After undergoing a special process, our brushed fabric has a smooth surface and a short plush texture, providing a soft and comfortable touch.

Durability for Longevity

Our brushed fabric has good durability and resistance to wear and tear, able to withstand daily wear and washing.

Moisture Wicking

Our brushed fabric has a great moisture-wicking function, able to quickly absorb sweat from the body, keeping it dry and comfortable.

Multiple Functionality

Our brushed fabric is suitable for various types of clothing, such as sportswear, outdoor wear, and casual wear. Catering to different needs is easy!


How to Choose a Perfect Brushed Stretch Fabric

High-quality brushed fabric requires the use of premium fibers. Its comfort and durability will be better. The fabric’s density, length, and color also impact its quality. Different types of brushed fabric are suitable for various occasions, such as outdoor activities or indoor leisure. You should choose based on specific needs. Natudon’s brushed fabric is made from high-quality materials and considers multiple factors to ensure it meets your requirements.


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Brushed Fabric Supplier in China

Natudon is proud to become your trusted supplier of brushed fabric in China. With a commitment to excel, we have become a premier manufacturer of high-quality brushed fabrics. Our fabrics can cater to diverse customers’ needs all around the world. We have advanced production facilities and rigorous quality control. We are dedicated to sustainable development for becoming an industry leader.


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Wholesale Brushed Fabric Factory in China

Natudon welcomes you to explore our role as a leading wholesale factory for brushed fabric in China. We promise strict control over product quality and relentless pursuit of innovation. We have over twenty years of experience in fabric production. Therefore we gain deep insights into the fashion and sportswear industry. We can provide wholesale brushed fabric. Our advanced equipment can meet your fabric requirements. In addition, Our professional production team and good after-sales team are here to serve you throughout the process!

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Brushed Fabric Applications

Sportswear: Our Brushed Fabrics are very suitable for sportswear. With unparalleled flexibility, these fabrics can give body support and comfort. The excellent moisture-wicking ability of brushed fabric helps keep the body dry and enhances the sports experience.

Casual Fashion: Our Brushed Fabrics are a versatile choice for everyday comfort and style. Whether you choose the fabrics for casual wear or fashion clothing, these fabrics offer the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

Yoga Wear:  Our Brushed fabrics are soft and comfortable. That helps improve the comfort and experience of yoga practice. The brushed fabrics have good elasticity, providing better stretch and flexibility. It’s ideal for various yoga movements. The fabrics also have good durability and abrasion resistance. So it can withstand long-term use and washing.

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pink blue and black polyester elastane brushed fabric


Asked Questions

What is Brushed Fabrics?

Brushed fabrics undergo special process, typically using fibers such as cotton, polyester, or wool.  The fabric’s surface has fine fibers. These fibers enhance the fabric’s softness and comfort. The brushed fabric has great moisture-wicking and warming functions. So it’s ideal for casual wear, sportswear, and other related products.

What Are the Key Benefits of Brushed Fabrics?

The key benefits of Brushed Fabrics include unrestricted movement, excellent comfort, moisture-wicking, and durability.

Can I Use Brushed Fabrics for Sportswear?

Absolutely! Brushed Fabrics are a perfect choice for sportswear. They provide enough flexibility and support to make sure you exercise better.

Is brushed fabric knit or woven?

Brushed fabrics are mainly knit. Knit-brushed fabrics are known for their exceptional skin-feeling and good moisture-wicking.


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