Natudon Sustainable Polyester Fabric with High Quality

Item Nr: PS450G
Composition: 89% polyester 11% Spandex
Weight: 170g/m2
Width: 59″

1.  Excellent stretch
2. Good durable
3. Extreme comfort
4. Good breathability and moisture-wicking
5. Antimicrobial

This sustainable polyester fabric can be used in yoga, activewear and lingerie. We also provide customized services, welcome to inquire!

Product Description

Are you looking for an eco-friendly fabric? In today’s world, eco issues are becoming increasingly severe, and awareness of eco protection is growing. Our sustainable polyester fabric contributes to the environment.

recycled yarn

It is composed of 89% polyester and 11% spandex. Using recycled fibers and eco-friendly dyes reduces environmental harm and human health. This fabric has multiple uses, including yoga, activewear, and underwearLet’s learn more about his advantages.

1、Soft and comfortable:


This sustainable polyester fabric has a buttery soft touch and a brushed effect. Wearing it, you will feel very comfortable. The soft fabric wraps around your skin, providing a pleasant wearing experience.

2、4-way stretch:


It is also a 4-way stretch fabric. It not only has excellent elasticity but also has good recovery. Stretch your body effortlessly. The fabric naturally stretches with your movements and quickly returns to its original shape after exercise.



In addition to its other qualities, this sustainable polyester fabric is also highly durable. It has excellent colorfastness. It’s resistant to color transfer and pills after frequent washing and friction. It also has good wrinkle resistance. This ensures a long lifespan even after use.


During physical activities, our bodies produce sweat. Fabrics with moisture-wicking quickly absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate rapidly. This helps keep the body dry and comfortable. Moisture-wicking enhances the effectiveness of hard workouts.



Fabrics with good breathability give the body comfort. Air can freely circulate. The skin can breathe. This also reduces discomfort and the likelihood of bacterial growth.


This fabric is antimicrobial and odor-resistant. It effectively inhibits bacterial growth and odor formation. It helps maintain healthy skin, reducing the occurrence of skin issues.

Important Notes:

washing fabrics

When washing sustainable polyester fabrics, it’s important to wash them gently, avoid harsh scrubbing, and prevent sun drying to maintain the fabric’s softness, comfort, and appearance quality.

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