Sexy Swimsuit Mesh Fabric for Tanning

Name: Swimsuit mesh fabric

Item Nr: NS009
Composition: 91% Nylon 9% Spandex
Weight: 90g/m2
Width: 59/61″

1. Soft and smooth
2. Good breathability
3. Moisture-wicking and quick drying
4. Flexibility
5. Environmental dyes and good colorfastness


Product Description

Background of Swimsuit Mesh Fabric

This kind of swimsuit mesh fabric is a special fabric that allows the skin to tan. It has unique light-transmitting properties. Its surface has tiny pores that allow sunlight to penetrate through the fabric and reach the skin, resulting in a uniform and natural tanning effect.

swimsuit mesh fabric5

Advantages of Mesh Swimsuit Fabric

1、Light Transmission:

Swimsuit mesh fabric for tanning uses special textile techniques and materials. So that sunlight can penetrate the fabric and directly shine on the skin. Compared to traditional swimwear fabrics, this fabric allows better sunlight penetration and achieves a tanning effect.

2、Sun Protection:

This fabric is usually treated to filter out harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing damage to the skin. While the sun protection effect is relatively low, it still offers some UV protection.


Power mesh swimsuit fabric is lightweight and has good breathability. It allows air and moisture to pass through the fabric, keeping the skin comfortable and dry, and reducing sweat accumulation and discomfort.


The mesh swimsuit fabric for tanning usually has quick-drying properties. It quickly returns to a dry state after being in water or washed, providing a better wearing experience.


It provides sufficient stretch and comfort, allowing the swimwear to fit snugly against the body. It doesn’t restrict movement, adapting to different body shapes and activity needs.

6、Environmentally Friendly Dyes and Good Colorfastness:

The swimsuit mesh fabric that uses environmentally friendly dyes protects the environment and safeguards human health. This fabric does not release harmful substances and does not cause irritation or damage to the skin.

Color Selection of Bathing Suit Mesh Fabric

The color selection of tan-through swimwear fabric is usually focused on lighter shades. Light-colored fabrics allow sunlight to pass through more easily, thus achieving a tanning effect. Our fabric offers multiple color options, such as light pink, off-white, black, and purple.

tan through swim fabric

Style Suggestions for Mesh Swimwear Fabric

Swimsuit mesh fabric for tanning suits various swimwear styles. However, to enhance the effect of tan-through swimwear, it is recommended to choose styles that expose more skin, such as triangle bikinis or deep V-neck one-piece swimsuits.

tan through swim fabric2

Care and Washing Instructions for Swimsuit Mesh Fabric

1、Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight:

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration and damage to the tan-through fabric.

2、Separate gentle washing:

To avoid color bleeding and fabric damage, it is recommended to wash tan-through swimsuits separately from other clothing. The fabric is usually thin and delicate, so a gentle washing method should be chosen.

3、Avoid machine drying:

High temperatures and friction can cause fabric deformation or damage. It is recommended to air dry the swimwear and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

4、Avoid excessive soaking time:

Extended soaking may cause fabric discoloration or damage, so it is advisable to minimize soaking time.

5、Be mindful of sunscreen usage:

Choose oil-free sunscreen and avoid direct contact with the fabric to prevent stains or damage.


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