Fashionally Useful Seersucker Swimwear Fabric

Name: Seersucker Swimwear Fabric

Item Nr: PS817
Composition: 92% Polyester 8% Spandex
Weight: 500g/m2
Width: 80cm/inch

1. Good elasticity
2. Great breathability and moisture-wicking
3. Great durability
4. Fashional appearance
5. Soft and free

Product Description

Seersucker swimwear fabric is trendy today. Seersucker fabric is highly favored in both the fashion and swimsuit industries. It’s lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and comfortable, making it an ideal swimwear fabric.

In recent years, swimming facilities and sites have continuously improved with the increasing health awareness. The demand for swimwear has also been increasing. Seersucker swimwear fabric has been widely used.

women's seersucker bathing suit

At the same time, this fabric is also suitable for various swimwear designs.  It’s easy to meet consumers’ different needs for swimwear styles. Whether a simple style or a complex pattern design, it will add to the swimwear’s charm.

Seersucker Swimwear Fabric features:

1、Material and Texture Characteristics:

sports performance fabric

This double-fold fabric is made of 92% polyester fiber and 8% spandex fiber. Polyester fiber improves its durability and wrinkle resistance. It also makes the swimwear dry faster. Therefore, this fabric can also be called sports performance fabric.

The small bubble-like texture on its surface gives a soft and fluffy touch. It makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

2、Lightweight and breathable:

Seersucker fabric has excellent lightweight and breathable performance. Wearing it, people will feel free. The air passes smoothly through the gaps. Sweat is carried to the surface of the fabric and evaporates quickly.


sports textile

Seersucker fabric has excellent quick moisture-wicking and quick drying. It not only helps to keep the body dry but also reduces the production of bacteria. This ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of the swimwear.

4、Elasticity :

The sport lycra for swimwear has a certain elasticity, providing a comfortable fit and good stretchability. It’s suitable for people with different body shapes.

Also, this stretch swimwear fabric can adapt to body movements and stretches without restricting movements. Elasticity also improves the durability of the swimwear and extends its service life.


The seersucker swimsuit fabric is made of soft and lightweight yarn. This fabric is soft and very friendly to people with sensitive skin. It makes people feel cozy and at ease.


seersucker bathing suit

The seersucker swimwear fabric has good durability. It can withstand multiple washings and long-term use without easy wear and deformation.

7、Wrinkle resistance:

Its wrinkle resistance property means good resilience. The swimwear can easily recover its original shape under external stretching and compression. It can also maintain its shape and appearance for a long time after use.

8、Sun protection and diverse designs:

Some seersucker swimwear fabrics also provide certain sun protection, reducing UV damage to the skin. In addition, this fabric can be used for various swimwear designs, meeting the needs of different consumers.


ending picture

Seersucker swimwear fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. Seersucker swimming costume is trendy in the swimwear field with its unique fashion sense.

If you want to start a swimwear project combining practicality and fashion, please seriously consider this excellent fabric. What are you waiting for? Start your new project now!

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