Natudon Polyester Rayon Spandex Fabric with High Quality

Item Nr: KF-013
Composition: 50%Rayon 43%Polyester 7%Spandex
Weight: 270g/m2
Width: 63″

1.  Excellent stretch
2. Give warmth
3. Extreme comfort
4. Good breathability
5. Durable

Our polyester rayon spandex fabric is perfect for making hoodies and sportswear. We offer customization services. We only produce high-quality fabrics and have strict quality control measures in place.

Product Description

Hoodies are a popular fashion item. They come in a variety of styles and are suitable for various outfits. Unlike common fabrics on the market, our polyester rayon spandex fabric combines three fibers.

It combines the durability of polyester, the softness of rayon, and the elasticity of spandex. This fabric typically has the properties of comfort, durability, and a certain degree of elasticity. So it’s suitable for various garments, especially hoodies and sportswear.


10 polyester rayon spandex fabric

Hoodies usually have a hood design compared to T-shirts. This provides additional warmth. Hoodies can better protect the head from the cold in cooler weather. In addition, the hood can also provide wind resistance, sun protection, or rain protection.

Our polyetser rayon spandex fabric can meet your warmth requirements also because it has an air layer design. It has many tiny gaps between the fibers. These provide good insulation and allow air to flow within the fabric. Generally, it can effectively regulate body temperature and humidity.


12 polyester rayon spandex fabric

Furthermore, the air layer also enhances the fabric’s breathability. In hot weather or after exercise, you will feel dry and comfortable. It helps sweat evaporate and be expelled from the body. Furthermore, it can keep the skin dry and reduce heat and discomfort. It also reduces friction between the fabric and the skin and helps protect skin health.

Stretch Fabric

A hoodie with stretch is much more comfortable than one without any elasticity. Our polyester rayon spandex fabric contains 7% spandex, enhancing the fabric’s durability and comfort. Using this fabric, hoodies are more convenient to put on and take off, as well as for daily activities.

Soft Hand Feeling

14polyester rayon spandex fabric

As a fabric for close-fitting clothing, this fabric has excellent softness. Rayon fibers give it a soft and smooth texture. Spandex fibers make it more elastic and resilient. This polyester rayon spandex fabric achieves a balance between softness and comfort. Wearing a hoodie made from it will give you an unprecedented comfortable experience.


It is well known that polyester fabrics have excellent durability. Our polyester rayon spandex fabric has also outstanding abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance! In addition, its colorfastness is also excellent. It won’t cause color transfer or pollute other items touching other items or washing processes.

Product Information

15polyester rayon spandex fabric

This polyester rayon spandex fabric weighs 270gsm. Its weight is ideal for making hoodies, ensuring the garment’s warmth. At the same time, this fabric has enough thickness. When you stretch it, it will not become transparent.

Before shipping products, our company conducts strict quality inspections to ensure that you receive satisfactory products. Now that you’ve seen this, do you feel confident about your upcoming project? Start your new creative endeavor now!

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