Milk Silk Polyester Fabric with Sublimation Printing

Name: Milk Silk Polyester Fabric

Item Nr: PS111
Composition: 81% Polyester 19% Spandex
Weight: 250-260g/m2
Width: 62/64″

1. Soft and smooth
2. Moisture-wicking and breathable
3. Durability and wrinkle resistance
4. Free cutting and sublimation printing

Product Description

Milk silk polyester fabric is made from polyester and spandex fibers. It’s characterized by its ability to be used on both sides. This fabric has a smooth and silky feel. Also, it has wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, and easy care.

Milk silk polyester fabric is typically made by bonding two layers of polyester fabric together through a special processing technique. This allows both sides to be used as the front or back. This double-sided design provides more options and flexibility. It is commonly used to make clothing, home textiles, and decorations.

milk silk polyester6

Advantages of the Milk Silk Polyester Fabric

1. Soft and comfortable feel

Milk silk polyester fabric uses ultra-fine fibers. Microfiber silk provides a silky and luxurious feel. The fabric fits the skin and is lightweight and comfortable. Whether used to make underwear, pajamas, or casual wear, this fabric can provide a pleasant wearing experience.

Additionally, it reduces friction with the skin and better protects the skin. Comfortable clothing makes people more willing to wear it for a long time, resulting in a happy feeling.

2. Moisture-wicking and breathable features

moisture wicking fabric2

Milk silk polyester fabric has excellent moisture-wicking and breathable properties. During exercise, it can prevent the discomfort of sweat and keep the skin surface dry and comfortable. At the same time, the wicking stretch fabric makes exercise easier and allows you to fully focus.

Milk silk polyester fabric is an ideal choice for sportswear and yoga clothes. It can help improve exercise performance!

3. Durability and wrinkle resistance

elastic fabric2

Milk silk polyester fabric has excellent durability and wrinkle resistance. It’s not easily deformed and remains in its original shape and luster even after frequent washing and wearing.

Therefore, you can choose polyester milk silk fabric for daily wear. Whether used to make tops, pants, or dresses, it can showcase both fashion and quality.

4. Free cutting and sublimation printing

Milk silk polyester fabric accepts free cutting and sublimation printing. It can be used to make yoga suits, sportswear, leggings, tops, camisoles, and casual wear, among others.

Whether you want to express yourself on the sports field or pursue fashion in daily life, milk silk polyester fabric can meet different needs.


Milk silk polyester fabric is a popular choice in the fashion industry. It has a wide range of applications in yoga suits, sportswear, and daily casual wear. The polyester milk silk fabric can meet your needs and be an ideal choice for your stylish outfits!

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