88 Polyester 12 Spandex Lycra Fabric for Leggings

Item Nr: PS450
Composition: Polyester 88% Spandex 12%
Weight: 175g/m2
Width: 59/61″
1. brushed
2. breathable and soft
3. silky soft touch
4. moisture absorption and perspiration
5. high stretch and good recovery

Product Description

Welcome to our fabric world. Here is a special product waiting to be explored! And I’m going to tell you more about this 88 polyester 12 spandex Lycra fabric.

orange polyester brushed fabric


This is an excellent special fabric. It has properties such as moisture absorption, high recovery, and high elastic. We use high quality yarns. After special craft treatment. Make it has a soft and smooth touch. The 88 polyester 12 spandex fabric brings you the ultimate wearing experience. This fabric offers a unique style for your workout, dance, or everyday use.

blue polyester elastane fabric

Due to its wonderful wicking properties. Quickly absorbs and discharges sweat from your skin. Keeps your skin dry and comfortable. What’s more, our fabric is designed with breathability in mind. It prevents the growth of bacteria. Even in high temperatures and high humidity. And what, it offers optimum flexibility and stability. You are free to use it!

brushed fabric

polyester elastane stretch fabric

The 88 polyester 12 spandex fabric provides optimal fit and comfort. Brushed surface is very kind to human skin. Four-way elasticity plus cut-to-measure feature allows for easy and casual use. I can say that it is perfect for making sportswear yoga trousers and so on.

khaki polyester elastane brushed fabric

green brushed poly elastane fabric

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