Natudon Brushed Polyester Fabric with Extreme Comfort

Item Nr: NS036
Composition: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex
Weight: 190g/m2
Width: 59/61″

1.  Superior elasticity
2. Great breathability and moisture-wicking
3. Extreme comfort
4. Anti-pilling
5. Durable

The brushed polyester fabric is composed of elastic polyester and spandex fibers blend. Through further brushing technology, the fabric has a soft, fluffy, and raised texture. It not only has a very comfortable feel but also offers excellent breathability and elasticity. It is highly suitable for heat transfer printing!



Product Description

Brushed Polyester Fabric for Underwear

Brushed polyester fabric is an elastic and soft material. It is knitted with anti-wrinkle and low-twist yarn. And the blend of elastic polyester and spandex fibers makes up the fabric. Through further brushing technology, the brushed polyester fabric has a soft, fluffy, and raised texture.

So it gives people a buttery feel and even a sense of bare skin. The fabric is actually an excellent choice as underwear fabric. Soft and comfortable underwear made of this fabric will not cause any discomfort even when worn under other clothes.

Brushed Polyester Fabric6

Brushed Polyester Fabric for Leggings

Apart from ensuring comfort, the brushed polyester fabric also offers excellent elasticity. It can accommodate various body sizes while providing support. It visually has a slimming effect and can perfectly shape body curves.

In addition, it has excellent thickness. When stretched or under pressure, the fibers don’t spread or become transparent. You won’t see your skin through it. Therefore, this fabric is very suitable for making leggings.

Brushed Polyester Fabric 1

Brushed Polyester Fabric for T-shirts

In addition to being used for underwear and leggings, this fabric is also very suitable for making T-shirts. It not only has excellent elasticity and a soft touch but also has good breathability. Air can circulate freely and heat spreads smoothly through clothes, This maintains a comfortable wearing experience.

It also has moisture-wicking properties. Sweat is wicked away from the body, keeping the body dry. Most importantly, it has excellent durability, withstanding long-term use and washing. You don’t need to worry it wearing out or deforming. Therefore, this fabric is also very suitable for use as T-shirt fabric. Moreover, this fabric can be dyed in vibrant colors or printed with vibrant patterns. And it can even be further printed using heat sublimation printing.

Brushed Polyester Fabric7

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