Breathable Power Mesh Fabric Wholesale with 4 Way Stretch

Name: Power mesh fabric wholesale

Item Nr: NS008
Composition: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
Weight: 160g/m2
Width: 62/64″

1. Excellent stretch
2. Good breathability and moisture-wicking
3. Great durability
4. Stylish appearance
5. Versatility

Product Description

As a power mesh fabric wholesale brand, Natudon uses the latest weaving technology and high-quality yarns to make mesh fabrics. Our fabrics have excellent color fastness and durability. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent mesh.

This material is known for its excellent elasticity and durability. It’s ideal for fabrics that require stretchability. Besides, adjusting the size and shape of the mesh can get better elasticity and breathability.

It has a wide range of applicationsIt’s suitable for various garments. This fabric can also serve as a decorative element in clothing, such as on sleeves or hemlines, adding a lightweight and comfortable effect. Power mesh fabric wholesale is a good choice!


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Power Mesh Fabric Wholesale Advantages :

1. Better elasticity and stretchability

Compared to regular fabrics, power mesh fabric can freely stretch and quickly recover its original shape. It can accommodate a variety of body shapes, providing freedom of movement and comfort.

2. Good breathability

The fabric’s excellent breathability allows air to flow through the mesh. This reduces the accumulation of sweat on the skin and minimizes the sticky feeling. It provides people with a comfortable wearing experience.

3. Stylish appearance

Power mesh fabric often has a lightweight and transparent appearance. The unique cut of the fabric adds a fashionable touch to garments. Combining with other fabrics creates a layered and visually appealing effect, making the clothing more refined and attractive.

4. Excellent durability

Polyester or nylon fibers are known for their durability and resistance to stretching. This fabric can withstand frequent use and washing. It won’t easily deform or get damaged. Many people appreciate fabrics with a long lifespan.

5. Versatility

The versatility of power mesh fabric makes it suitable for various types of clothing and occasions, catering to different needs. Additionally, it can be combined with other fabrics to create diverse layers and textures.

Not only sportswear and underwear but also swimsuits and dancewear can be made using this fabric. Power mesh fabric wholesale is a great option for making these garments

Care instructions:

5 power mesh fabric wholesale

1. Gentle washing:

Avoid using hot water and harsh detergents.

2. Separate washing:

Wash the fabric separately from other clothing items.

3. Gentle scrubbing:

Avoid excessive stretching or twisting.

4. Avoid soaking:

Do not soak elastic mesh fabric for extended periods.

5. Avoid mechanical friction:

Avoid using the agitator or strong spin cycle of a washing machine.

6. Air drying:

Allow the fabric to dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

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We are a great choice for high-quality power mesh fabric wholesale. In addition to mesh fabrics, we also have many other fabrics, such as 4-way stretch and brushed fabrics. Cooperation with you should not be far away, right?

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