100% Polyester Birdseye Mesh Fabric: Excellent Jersey Fabric

Name: Polyester Birdseye Mesh Fabric

Item Nr: PX102
Composition: Polyester100%
Weight: 150g/m2
Width: 63/65″

1.  great breathability
2. good abrasion resistance and durability
3. excellent color fastness
4. good waterproof performance


Product Description

The mesh fabric of clothing also has many different types, such as square grid, diamond, and circular grid. Birdseye mesh has a unique visual effect and is an excellent material for making jerseys. We often see athletes wearing bird’s eye mesh jerseys while sweating on the playing field.

100% polyester birdseye mesh fabric is a net-like fabric. It consists of many small holes that resemble a bird’s eyes, hence the name. The requirements for mesh fabric in jerseys are mainly breathability, comfort, elasticity, durability, and easy cleaning. Polyester birdseye mesh fabric is very suitable for making jerseys.

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100% Polyester Birdseye Fabric’s Advantages

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1 . Excellent breathability

Due to its mesh structure, air can freely circulate, providing good ventilation. So it’s an ideal choice for sportswear. Whether for outdoor sports or daily wear, polyester birdseye mesh fabric can keep the body comfortable and dry.

2 . Excellent abrasion resistance and durability

Polyester fibers themselves have high strength and durability, and the special structure of bird’s eye mesh fabric allows it to withstand greater tension and friction.

3 . Good dyeing performance and color stability

It can be dyed to various bright colors through dyeing processes, and the color is not easily faded.

4 . Good waterproof performance

Although its mesh structure allows air and moisture to pass through, it also effectively blocks water penetration. Polyester bird’s eye mesh fabric can protect items from moisture erosion in rainy weather or humid environments

Application range and occasions

Jerseys made of polyester birdseye mesh fabric are suitable for various ball sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc. It can also be used to make various sports equipment, such as sports pants, sports socks, and so on.

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Company Profile

If you want to find professional mesh jersey fabrics, look for the Natudon brand. We have a professional production equipment and service team, choose us, you will not regret it!

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