How to Choose Great Swimsuit Material?

Are you always looking for the perfect swimsuit material? What are your requirements? A  beautiful appearance or keep shape after long-term wear? UV protection? After reading our swimsuit material guide, I think you may gain a lot.

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properties we need to consider:

  1.  Pool chemicals resistance and sun damage resistance.

Firstly, we need to clarify one thing. The biggest difference between swimsuits and other clothing is the different application scenarios.

Swimsuits need to contact with water for a long time and be exposed to sunlight. So they need to have specific properties for this purpose.

Therefore, the first thing we need to consider is whether the swimsuit material meets these two requirements.

  1. UV protection or the ability of UV rays to pass through the swimsuit and directly onto the skin.

Swimsuits embrace the sun on the beach. Most people want their swimsuits to have an anti-UV function. They don’t want their skin to get tanned.

However, some people want to get tanned while wearing a swimsuit for evenly colored skin. This type of fabric is called tan-through fabric.

Our company has developed this product, so if you’re interested, welcome to contact us!

  1. Elasticity and recovery.

Elasticity is the most important property to consider in swimsuit fabric. It’s hard to imagine that a small piece of clothing could perfectly wrap around the body.

However, swimsuits with elastic fibers can achieve this. Swimsuits become comfortable and fit well thanks to their elasticity. People can easily put on, and take off swimsuits, or move around comfortably.

Almost all fabrics on the market now contain elastic fibers. Different companies and product lines use different ingredients and percentages. When choosing fabric, you should compare products within the same company and product line.

Products with the same ingredients and percentages are not the same. The quality of the fibers and the knitting process can also affect the product’s performance.

The recovery of swimsuits means they can quickly return to their original shape before use. They won’t become loose or unattractive after multiple uses. This greatly improves the lifespan of swimsuits.

  1. Quick-drying.

The quick-drying determines whether a swimsuit is qualified. No one would want their swimsuit to remain wet for long after getting out of the water. It’s so uncomfortable. Therefore, a quick-drying swimsuit is something that everyone would love.

  1. Colorfastness.

No one would want to give their swimwear up just because the color fades. Colorfastness significantly extends the lifespan of swimsuits.

 two main types of swimsuit material:

  1. Polyester Spandex Fabric

polyester spandex swimsuit material


  • Excellent four-way stretch

The blend of polyester and spandex gives the fabric excellent elasticity. Swimsuit fabrics are mainly made with two-way stretch or four-way stretch. I recommend four-way stretch fabric as it provides more comfort.

  • Relatively soft hand feel

Polyester fabrics have improved in terms of softness, but they are still not as soft as nylon fabrics.

  • Durable and non-shrinking

Polyester spandex fabric is highly durable and maintains its size and shape even after washing or use.

  • Quick-drying

The fabric quickly evaporates the water between the fabric surface and the fibers after being in the water.

  • Chlorine resistance and UV protection.
  • Excellent breathability

Wearing this fabric in hot environments doesn’t feel stuffy. It quickly absorbs sweat and helps it evaporate.

  • Easy to wash.
  • Excellent colorfastness

Polyester spandex fabric maintains its color well in the dyeing and printing processes.

  • Suitable for digital printing and heat sublimation printing

Swimsuits made from polyester spandex fabric have vibrant and long-lasting patterns.

  1. Nylon Spandex Blend Fabric

    This swimsuit material is the most common fabric used in women’s swimsuits.

nylon spandex material


  • Very soft hand feel and various fabric finishes.
  •  Excellent elasticity.
  • Excellent quick-drying properties.
  • Good durability.
  • Waterproof.


  • Not chlorine resistant.
  • not UV resistant.
  • not suitable for printing.
  • not abrasion-resistant.
  • low colorfastness.
  • not suitable for heat sublimation printing.


The ideal weight for swimsuit material is between 180-200gsm. Lighter fabrics may resemble underwear fabrics and may become transparent when wet, which is not desirable.

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The materials used for making swimsuits are not limited to just these two. There are also materials such as velvet and chloroprene rubber. Here, we have only focused on introducing two types of materials.

If you have fabric requirements for swimsuits, please feel free to contact us!We will provide you with a wide range of fabric options.





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