The 15th Moscow Interfabric Exhibition 2024 concluded successfully!

Successful Conclusion of the 15th Moscow Interfabric Exhibition

fabric exhibition 2024

The 15th Moscow Fabric Exhibition 2024 concluded on March 14th after three days of celebration. As a well-established brand with over 20 years of experience in the fabric industry, Natudon is honored to participate in this fabric fair.

We showcase various high-quality fabrics at the exhibition. During the event, we had friendly exchanges with many Russian clients. And we are eager to establish long-term and intimate partnerships with them.

Just as the global call for shared prosperity, it is also our brand‘s mission. We hope to assist Russian clients in developing their brands and become sincere partners with each other!

What fabrics did we showcase at the Fabric Exhibition 2024?

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Natudon specializes in knitted synthetic elastic fabrics. Our main product market includes sportswear, leggings, underwear, and more. Our fabrics primarily contain polyester spandex and nylon spandex. They can be categorized into 4-way stretches, single-sided, double-sided, jacquard, and more.

Additionally, our fabrics come in both solid colors and printed patterns. We also offer custom fabric services. At the Moscow Fabric Exhibition 2024, we brought some finished garments made with our fabrics, allowing clients to experience the quality of our fabrics directly.

What did we encounter during the conference?

Day 1:

7 fabric exhibition 2024.jpg

We displayed various fabrics on the shelves, and put up our posters. We aimed to make our booth look neat and organized. Not long after, a handsome man walked in!

He said he came to this exhibition specifically to look for us. We had established a good partnership last year. He wanted to explore opportunities for further collaboration. Next, we had a pleasant communication and confirmed the next cooperation.

Day 2:

8 fabric exhibition 2024.jpg

After the first day of the exhibition, we rearranged the fabrics. A friendly couple visited our booth, and we showcased a variety of sports fabrics to them. They showed great interest and desire to establish a friendly partnership with us.

We exchanged contact information. Throughout the day, more people came inquiring about our products. After providing them with detailed explanations of the excellent features, they also expressed great interest.

Day 3:

9 fabric exhibition 2024.jpgjpg

Time flew by, and it was already the third day of the Fabric Exhibition 2024. We received hundreds of customers interested in our fabrics and had pleasant conversations with them.

They came from different countries and industries. We showcased our fabric samples, latest designs, and technologies to them. They expressed their anticipation for future cooperation with us.

What did we gain from this fabric exhibition 2024?

1. We engaged in deep fabric discussions with visitors and gained a deeper understanding of their needs. As a result, we will develop more products in the future. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases!

2. We initiated preliminary collaborations with 10 companies, identifying their fabric requirements. We will continue to follow up with them.

3. We made connections with dozens of Russian customers, establishing potential cooperative relationships. We look forward to future collaborations with them!

When will we meet again?

134fabric exhibition 2024

We will meet again at the 16th Autumn Interfabric Exhibition 2024 in Russia. We will bring our newly developed products and the latest technologies to Russia. If you want to know specific exhibition information, please follow the official Facebook account of Natudon.

We are excited to join more conversations with visitors and achieve mutually satisfying partnerships. Will we have the pleasure of meeting at the Autumn Interfabric Exhibition in Russia?


In summary, this fabric exhibition 2024 has brought us valuable cooperation opportunities and market insights. It’s like a splendid and colorful art feast. We will take this exhibition as an opportunity to continuously improve product quality and technical expertise, expand international markets, and establish closer partnerships with more customers.

We firmly believe that in the future, we will achieve greater success and provide better products and services to our customers. Let us look forward to future development together and create a better tomorrow!


Natudon specializes in producing high-quality sports protective fabrics, dance wear fabrics, sports functional fabrics, bamboo fiber, and stretch cotton ammonia fabrics. Located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, we are committed to offering top-notch products that cater to the needs of various industries.

Our products are recognized for their superior quality and environmental standards. They have been awarded the GRS certificate, OEKO-TEX certificate, among others, which vouch for their sustainability and safety.

Yes, we provide both OEM and ODM services. We have collaborated with many renowned brands across Spain, UK, Germany, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Italy, and France, offering tailored solutions to meet unique brand requirements.

Quality is paramount to us. Our production team operates under the guiding principle of “customer first, quality first.” Every order undergoes a 100% inspection by our dedicated QC staff before it is shipped, ensuring that our customers receive only the best.

Our diverse product range includes POLYESTER SPANDEX FABRIC, NYLON SPANDEX FABRIC, 4 WAY STRETCH FABRIC, SINGLE JERSEY FABRIC, INTERLOCK FABRIC, RIB FABRIC, and ATHLETIC MESH. We strive to innovate and expand our offerings to serve our clients better.

At Natudon, we prioritize effective communication with our customers. Our experienced customer service team ensures timely and hassle-free intern.

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