Polyamide Stretch Fabric: Ideal Yoga Leggings Fabric

Keyword: Polyamide Stretch Fabric

Item Nr: KF1792
Composition: 54% Nylon 46% Spandex
Weight: 160g/m2
Width: 62/64″

1. Extreme comfort
2. Prevent muscle strain
3. Excellent stretch
4. Good breathability and moisture-wicking
5. Great durability

Product Description

As we all know, spandex fibers have high elasticity and softness. It is commonly used to produce sportswear and tight-fitting garments such as underwear.

Yoga leggings fabric often contains a high percentage of spandex fibers. This is because spandex provides sufficient elasticity and comfort to the pants while maintaining their original shape.

7 polyamide stretch fabric

wo develop a yoga leggings fabric with 46% spandex. In addition to spandex, this fabric also includes 54% nylon fibers. The polyamide stretch fabric can be called the most stretchable fabric. It’s soft, smooth, and comfortable to the touch. Also, it allows the wearer to feel comfortable, confident, and light during exercise!

Advantages of the Polyamide Stretch Fabric

       1. Excellent Stretch:

3 polyamide stretch fabric

In yoga practice, this polyamide stretch fabric offers excellent flexibility and freedom of movement. At the same time, the 46% spandex fibers give the yoga leggings excellent stretch. So that leggings can reflect the body’s figure. It gives you more confidence to radiate your charm.

       2. Good Moisture-wicking and Breathability

Furthermore, the high spandex content in the fabric provides good moisture-wicking properties. Fabric can quickly remove sweat from the skin’s surface and allow it to evaporate. This keeps you dry and comfortable for extended periods. The fabric also has excellent breathability, promoting air circulation and preventing excessive heat buildup.

       3. Prevent Muscle Strain

Most importantly, it provides support and protection to your body. The fabric has a smooth surface. This reduces friction against the skin and prevents discomfort. In exercise, it provides moderate compression to your muscles. This can promote blood circulation and reduce muscle vibration. In general, this fabric can lower the risk of muscle strains.


In conclusion, the polyamide stretch fabric is ideal for yoga enthusiasts seeking comfort and flexibility. It offers excellent elasticity and comfort. It allows people to enjoy a better experience during yoga practice.

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