Nylon Supplex Fabric with High Quality

Item Nr: NS620
Composition: Nylon 86% Spandex 14%
Weight: 300g/m2
Width: 61/63″

1.  has elasticity and resilient
2. great breathability
3. buttery feel and comfort
4. nice durability
5. nice texture and moderate thickness

Our nylon supplex fabric offers breathability similar to cotton, a buttery soft touch, excellent elasticity, and durability. It has a wide range of color options. Additionally, we provide exclusive customization services, looking forward to combining the fabric with your design!


Product Description

Have you heard of nylon supplex fabric? This fabric has cotton’s softness, comfort, and breathability. Also, it’s wear-resistant, wash-resistant, and not easy to deform. Compared with cotton and ordinary chemical fiber fabrics, the nylon supplex fabric is remarking versatile.

Our nylon supplex fabric has a wide range of uses. Keep reading to learn more!

Nylon Supplex Fabric for Yoga

nylon supplex fabric8

The biggest advantage of this fabric is its natural skin-friendly! Whether used for yoga wear or as a base layer, you will have unparalleled comfort. The soft fabric wraps around the skin, creating a buttery touch. This feeling of comfort is fascinating!

In addition to its comfort, the fabric also has good elasticity. The addition of 15% spandex enhances the fabric’s elasticity and recovery. This fabric makes yoga wear and base layers suitable for various body types. The fabric gives the body both support and comfort. You can perform any movement you want without any hindrance.

Most importantly, the nylon supplex fabric has a great texture and a weight of 300gsm, providing a certain degree of warmth. When stretched, it isn’t sheer. Any embarrassing situations won’t happen. You can confidently wear it without any worries!

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Nylon Supplex Fabric for sportswear

nylon supplex fabric11

This fabric is a perfect choice for sportswear! In addition to comfort and elasticity, its cotton-like breathability ensures quick sweat-wicking and keeps the body dry. Moreover, it is excellent wear-resistant. This ability extends the lifespan of sportswear.

These features make it an ideal option, providing comfort, durability, and functionality in sportswear. Whether engaging in high-intensity workouts or light exercises, this fabric can meet your needs.

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Nylon Supplex Fabric for fashion clothing

nylon supplex fabric12

This fabric offers a wide range of colors. This feature provides more options for fashion design. In addition, it has high color fastness, so you don’t have to worry about color shifting. It has excellent softness and texture. Garments become more comfortable and natural to wear.

Its outstanding elasticity and adaptability allow clothing to fit the body perfectly. Besides, the surface and edges of this fabric are anti-pilling, showing perfect tailoring effects. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, this fabric enables you to show confidence and personality in fashion.

In summary, this fabric combines comfort and aesthetics with functionality and fashionability. Whether as yoga wear, sportswear, or fashion clothing, you can show a unique charm. Embrace this fabric and incorporate it into your life!

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