Natudon High Elastic Fabric Nylon Spandex

Item Nr: NS110
Composition: 75%Nylon 25% Spandex
Weight: 220g/m2
Width: 59/61″

1.  Excellent Stretch
2. Great moisture-wicking
3. Extreme comfort
4. Good breathability
5. Durable

This high elastic fabric is an excellent sports fabric. It has a wide range of applications, primarily used for sportswear, yoga wear, and casual wear.

Product Description

The nylon spandex double-faced fabric has become popular in the market in recent years. Our high-elastic nylon spandex fabric contains 25% spandex. This means it has excellent elasticity. Using it, garments can fit various body types. At the same time, its outstanding recovery puts moderate pressure on the body, shaping beautiful curves.

high elastic fabric7

soft hand feeling 

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The high elastic fabric also creates a buttery soft feel. The fabric comes into direct contact with the skin. It provides people with great comfort.

When wearing it, there is almost no sense of presence. Just like you’re not wearing anything at all. It is very lightweight, soft, and perfect. This lightweight sensation enhances the wearer’s freedom of movement and comfort. It conforms to the body.

excellent breathability and moisture-wicking

high elastic fabric 8

Our high elastic fabric also has excellent breathability and is moisture-wicking. It effectively absorbs sweat from the skin and allows it to evaporate on the fabric’s surface.

Sweat doesn’t linger on the skin, keeping the body dry and enhancing comfort. The removal of sweat also helps maintain hygiene on the skin. This reduces the risk of skin allergies and other issues.

great durability

Commonly known that spandex fabric has excellent durability. This spandex high elastic fabric, on the other hand, can withstand long-term use and frequent washing while maintaining good quality and appearance.

It’s resistant to stretching, friction, and wrinkles. So it’s less prone to damage, deformation, and pilling during use. Additionally, it has good wrinkle resistance. It’s convenient and long-lasting to wear.

Various Applications

high elastic fabric6

This high elastic fabric has a wide range of applications, primarily used for sportswear, yoga wear, and casual wear. It weighs 220gsm. When being pulled, the fibers won’t separate and become transparent. This avoids any embarrassing situations.

You don’t have to worry about color transfer regardless of what you make. All our products have excellent colorfastness. We ensure the quality of the products. Furthermore, we conduct strict quality inspections before shipping products. And we guarantee that you receive an ample supply of clean fabric!



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