Basketball Jersey Fabric Types: Choosing the Best Material for You

Basketball jerseys are crucial for athletes. They provide comfort, freedom, and protection. Also, they enhance team identity, improve personal image, and adapt to different environments and climates. I hope this basketball jersey fabric types article on basketball fabric types can help you!

basketball jersey fabric types

History of Basketball Jersey Fabrics

The origins of basketball jersey fabrics can be traced back to the inception of basketball. As basketball gained popularity and technology advanced, these fabrics gradually evolved and improved.

In the early 20th century, cotton fabric was primarily used for basketball jerseys. It was relatively heavy and had good moisture absorption. But it lacked breathability and quick-drying properties. As a result, athletes would easily sweat during basketball games. The heavy jerseys added burden and discomfort to the athletes.

In the 1960s, polyester fibers began to be widely used in basketball jersey fabrics. Polyester fibers are lightweight, durable, and quick-drying. This kind of fabric can meet the needs of sports. Additionally, polyester basketball jersey fabrics are more comfortable and have better breathability.

Over time, with continuous technological advancements, basketball jersey fabric types gradually become richer. Modern fabrics incorporate various advanced fibers and fabric technologies, such as moisture-wicking fabrics, elastic fibers, and anti-UV fabrics. These fabrics provide better breathability and comfort. It helps athletes perform better during games.

Basketball Jersey Fabric Types


Polyester fabric is a lightweight synthetic fiber. It’s soft and comfortable, allowing athletes to move freely during games. In scenarios requiring breathability and quick drying, such as hot summer games and high-intensity training, polyester basketball jersey fabrics are an ideal choice.

  1. High abrasion resistance: it can withstand intense movements and contact in basketball games.
  2. Good moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties: it can keep athletes’ bodies dry and comfortable.
  3. Excellent wrinkle resistance: it can maintain a smooth appearance even after prolonged use.
  4. Easy to care: it’s easy to clean and dry quickly, reducing clothing maintenance costs.

100%Polyester mesh fabric 2

Polyester fibers can be blended with many other fibers. Blending polyester with cotton fibers, for example, enhances the fabric’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

Blending polyester with nylon improves the fabric’s durability and strength. In addition to these two fibers, polyester can also be blended with wool, silk, elastic fibers, etc., to give the fabric more performance properties.


Nylon fibers are superior in abrasion resistance and weight than polyester fibers, but slightly inferior in breathability and softness. Overall, nylon remains an excellent choice for making basketball jerseys.

Nylon basketball fabrics are widely used for training apparel. Players engage in various movements and exercises, and their abrasion resistance and strength can meet training demands.

Elastic Fiber:

As a synthetic fiber, elastic fiber enhances the durability and comfort of basketball jersey fabrics, giving the fabric an excellent appearance. Elastic jersey fabrics can spontaneously regulate the player’s body temperature.

In basketball games, players need to frequently jump, run, and turn. The fabric’s stretchability ensures that the jersey fits closely to the body without restricting motions. It can quickly wick away sweat and keep the jersey dry. This is crucial for improving athletes’ comfort and reducing discomfort.

There are three main basketball jersey fabric types. And basketball fabric’s style is mainly mesh style.

Basketball Jersey Mesh Fabric

Basketball mesh fabric is very common in basketball games. This type of fabric usually has good breathability and moisture-wicking properties. These help players maintain a dry and comfortable body. At the same time, the mesh structure can also increase the cloth’s breathability, reducing heat accumulation, and helping players stay cool during the game.


polyester mesh fabric1      Two Way Stretch Athletic Mesh Fabric

             The 100% polyester mesh fabric                                        Polyamide79% Elastane21%


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basketball jersey fabric types


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